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    cutting a path in half? help me


      I want to cut a path in half. I've searched far and wide around the internet on how to do it but couldn't find any results. so how do I go about doing this? I've inserted an image to make answering this question easier.


      cut in half.jpg

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          emil emil Level 4

          Object > Path > Add Anchor Points will add a point in the middle of a straight path made with one segment. Then you can select the added point and press the button with the scissor on the control bar.


          edit 1: Another way is if you check Show Center button in the Attributes panel, then using the Scissor tool with the Smart Guides turned on will show the "center" label and snap to it when the mouse is over the center of the path.


          edit 2: Forget the second suggestion, I didn't check it all the way, when I clicked with the scissor to try cutting the path, the warning popped out showing that Illustrator thinks the center point is an end anchor point. Very poor programming

          and disappointingly Add Anchor Point tool also doesn't work on the center point.

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            CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            make a rectangle and place it behind the line you need to cut


            select both the line and the rectangle


            grab the Scissors Tool and cut the line right where you see the center of the rectangle


            delete the excess line and the rectangle

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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              Or, to make it independent of the accurate sizing and positioning of a rectangle, using the Smart Guides, you may:


              1) Select the path and cut it with the scissors Tool where it crosses the inner circle (Smart Guides say intersect;

              2) With the short part selected and with the right Reference Point ticked in the Transform pallete, add /2 to the W box and press enter;

              3) Join the halved path and the rest of the original path.


              In 3), the newest versions should let you do it without further ado, in older versions, you may lock/hide the inner circle and drag over the coinciding points.


              In any case, you may delete the joined Anchor Point if desired.