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    InDesign CS5 Crashes with Warning Dialog Box






      InDesign CS5, v7.0.4

      OS X 10.7.4

      No third-party font-management application running.

      Macbook Pro (June, 2012)


      InDesign crashes in these two instances:


      1. Trying to delete a page that has content. Right as the warning box comes up, it shows up without content (just the "Warning" title) and crashes.


      2. When packaging a file, as it's about to warn you about the perils of archiving fonts it does the same thing as above, and crashes.


      Tried the alt-opt-cmd-shift trick to reboot preferences and nothing.

      Tried deleting the two preference files directly so that they would rebuild and nothing.


      Interestingly, I have another computer running OS 10.7.3 (as opposed to 10.7.4 on the crashy one) and the same InDesign CS5 7.0.4 and that one works perfectly.


      Ideas? Leads?




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