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    How do I get banner & Spry Menu Bar to appear on every page?

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      I am a new user of Dreamweaver CS6 an a relatively new user to website development in general.


      I just followed along through Davide Powers "Creating your first website" tutorial series and found it to be very helpful.  I made it through all six parts and managed to get the Check Magazine sample website up and running.  I now want to use what I learned to creat my own site, and I am stuck already.


      The tutorial does a great job of explaining how to setup a Spry Menu Bar to use for navigation.  The tutorial, however, only shows how to put this Spry Menu Bar on the main index.html page.  For my actual site, I would like my navigation bar (and my banner) to appear on every one of my pages.


      Can anyone here tell me where I can find instructions on the best way to do this? 


      My navigation requirements are very simple.  I just want a common banner with navigation buttons to appear at the top of every one of my pages.  The Spry Menu Bar that was created in the tutorial would work great for me assuming I can find a relatively simple way to get it (along with my banner) to appear at the top of every one of my pages.


      If it is very complicated to get it to appear on every page (or would require a large time investment in learning advanced techniques), then I would consider passing on the Spry Menu Bar and trying to setup my navigation in a simpler (if more old-fashioned) way.


      Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If a small, 4-5 page site,  make a prototype page with all your columns, headers, footers, menus, etc...  and go to  File > SaveAs index.html,  and then File > SaveAs > page1.html,  and then File > SaveAs page2.html, etc...


          Or you can save your prototype page as a Dreamweaver Template (.dwt file).  Add editable regions for stuff that will change from page to page.  Everything outside editable regions is common to all site pages. Then use your Template to spawn site pages.  File > New > Page from Template, index.html, page1.html, page2.html, etc....    DW Templates are nice site management tool.  But before you use them, read all you can about them in F1 Help as they can be a little tricky to master.


          Last but not least, look at Server-Side Includes. They're a huge time saving feature. I use them on every site I build.


          Server-Side Includes




          Nancy O.