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    Adding Ambient Noise?


      I've been using Soundtrack Pro for a little over six years, for a podcast, and am thinking of switching to Audition. One of the actions I perform most often with STP is adding on top of both of my two recorded channels a tiny clip of ambient noise during each transition between myself and my guest. STP makes this easy: I take a several second chunk of "silence" recorded before the interview, save it as "ambient noise" and then use whatever fraction of a second I need for each individual transition. Later I do a noise reduction that includes some of the same noise pattern so what I've added mostly disappears but some remains. (I know, I know, this is incredibly labor intensive and there are probably easier ways to achieve the same thing but I like the way it works in terms of overall noise reduction while maintaining a kind of invisible continuity between speakers.)


      Long story short, I don't see an "ambient noise" feature in Audition and am wondering how many steps it would take to do this?


      All suggestions most welcome!



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          SuiteSpot Level 4

          I would just record some 'ambient noise' and keep it a stock clip that you would re-use and add it in wherever you wanted in the multitrack view

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            Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Yeah, that's what I tend to do when I need atmos on an edit--just make a track (loop it if necessary) then faded it in and out as necessary in multitrack.

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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              Use side chaining to do that automatically now.



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                SuiteSpot Level 4

                _durin_ wrote:


                Use side chaining to do that automatically now.


                Handy to know - but you better have left the office and be sending that from somewhere deep in the redwoods

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                  MusicConductor Level 3

                  Absolutely!  Durin is collecting "atmos" from the Redwoods!

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                    quincunc Level 1

                    Thanks, all! (Sorry was out of pocket -- power down in much of the DC area from last night through this afternoon.)


                    I guess I wasn't making myself entirely clear, or perhaps I don't understand your answers. The thing about STP ambient noise that's useful to me is that after I label several seconds of the recording "ambient noise" then I can paste in "ambient noise" of any duration -- a fraction of the original or something longer. So let's say I record five seconds of "ambient noise." Usually filling in the transition between myself and my guest takes only a fraction of a second. Sometimes, though, the guest will pause for a few seconds. So that transition varies. But in pasting in the "ambient noise" I don't have to make any adjustments whatsoever for the length of the section being added too. Is something like this possible with Audition?


                    From what Bob said it seems like you have to take an additional step? Except I'm not doing this in multitrack. I only get to multitrack at the very end when I put together the podcast with my intro jingle, an intro comment, another jingle, the interview, an exit jingle, my exit comment and final exit music. (Seems to work -- for each of the past five years I've placed among the top ten finalists in the political category of the Annual Podcast Awards competition. The podcast is at www.electricpolitics.com) So I'm adding in over a two track recording. Thinking about it I can see having a whole track of "ambient noise" in multitrack and fading in and out, but that involves a lot more work than what I'm doing now... More than twice as much...

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                      ryclark Level 6

                      Open your noise file, select all of it and Copy to the clipboard.


                      In your interview track Select the portion where the gap is so that it is shown overlaid in white. Right click on the selected portion and select Mix paste from the drop down menu. You can then select the relative levels of the overlapping audio and the original. If you leave Crossfade selected make sure that it is set to a suitable time. Click OK.


                      Keep doing that for each gap. It takes much longer to explain than do. If you want to speed up the operation you can just press F3 each time after the first to repeat the Mix Paste. Or you can even record a Favorite to have available on a keyboard short cut.

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                        quincunc Level 1

                        Thanks, Ryclark, and all -- that's very helpful. I'll tinker around a bit and am optimistic I'll find a workflow that suits me.

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                          SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 7

                          ryclark wrote:


                          Open your noise file, select all of it and Copy to the clipboard.


                          Since there are several clipboards available, there's nothing to stop you putting a clip of ambience in one at the start of a session and having it available continuously - without needing a file of it open at all. All operations are as ryclark describes - you just have to select the appropriate clipboard first. GIves you a lot more freedom with other edits you might want to do...