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    XML data into Combo & List

    Kristtee Level 1


      I am too new to this and still tring to learn. Well here is what I am into. I am trying to make a simple product catalog, using native components

           a combobox to display DISTINCT health issues

           a listbox to display the products associated to the selected health issue item in ComboBox

           a textarea to display complete information about the selected product in listbox


      Data comes from single external xml file.


      I was able to start off with Combo, but I don't know how to display DISTINCT ITEMS IN IT? Now it display all items including duplicates. Then I added eventlistener to Combo, which on change, the data for selected item is displyed in Textarea, but i don't know how to hook this to List component.


      All files available here:



      Sure some of you can do it so easy. Appreciate your time and help.

      Thank you