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    Why Does Flash (SWF) Get Corrupted When Imported?

    fwhilton Level 1




      Windows 7

      10 Gigs Ram

      Quad Core AMD Chip


      The biggest reason I joined the cloud was to use Premiere Pro so that I could import SWF files.


      In Premeire Elements 10 I could import an SWF perfectly well, even animted swf's


      However, in PPro CS6, When I import it, it actually corrupts the file so that not all the objects display.


      And this is how I proved it...


      1) Created the SWF in FlashPro CS6

      2) View SWF from within Windows Explorer... works perfectly!!

      3) Made a COPY of the created SWF

      4) Imported the original SWF into PPro CS6... not all objects show in the Monitor

      5) I go back into Windows Explore and view SWF... and sure enough... some of the objects don't show up.

      6) I view the COPY of the swf in Windows Explorer I made... AND ALL IS FINE

      7) For good measure, I import the SWF into Elements... and it doesn't work either!!


      And to kick myself in the head even more...

      Before I joined the cloud... Flash SWF's worked perfectly in a trial version of PPro CS6.


      Very dissapointed none the least.


      What is with that?

      I don't get it.

      What is wrong with the import of SWF into PPro CS6