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    Viewer Builder Error - SD Portrait Subscription Tile error


      I am in the process of moving the first of our Apps to the news stand following Bob Bringhursts Adobe Developer Connection Article - Adding DPS apps to Apple Newsstand.


      At the point where I am asked to add Landscape and Portrait Subscription tiles I can locate and add the Landscape Tile - OK no problems so far


      I locate and add Portrait tile 331x180 pixels I created and select image but I dialog box is highlighted red and red pop up error - "This tile must be331 x 180 pixels and PNG format".


      I have double checked image file and it is 331x180 pixels in PNG format with PNG file extension.

      I have created using Photoshop a new 331x180 pixel PNG file and get the same error with this file.


      Can get past this point to build the App for submission to Apple


      What am I doing wrong?