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    How do I add interactive objects to a quiz slide?


      Hello, I'm having a Captivate 5 problem and can't seem to find an answer on the web or in the forums.  I'm creating a quiz in which I'd like to ask multiple choice questions.  For each answer option I'd like the user to be able to click on something - the answer text, an additional image, something - that would open a web page in a separate browser tab or window.  That new window would contain information related to the linked answer option.  This way the users can assess the relevance of each option in relation to the question.


      I've tried using the "Advanced Answer Option" option but that only opens a window when the answer is submitted.  Before I sat down to do this I was thinking I'd just add image buttons on the page, but it turns out that I can't add buttons, text inputs and several other options in a quiz slide.


      If anyone has any ideas on how to work around this I'd really appreciate hearing them.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give.