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    Knockout Issue...still stumped!


      Hi again,


      I wanted to post this again to see if anyone can help me out with this.


      I am trying to print film for a screen printing job that I am doing and so I need all of the white you see in the image below knocked out to the background color (i.e. color of the shirt).


      The way I have this set up is a layer of text with a black stroke in the back and a layer of text with no fill and a white stroke on top.


      I have tried over and over again as per my own methods and suggestions from others:



      I haven't been able to get this done! It's killing me here...


      Please take a look at the image and see if you can help me out!


      If there is another way I can set it up other than the text layerd on top of each other or ANYTHING else you can suggest to help me out it is MUCH appreciated.


      Picture 1.png

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          HerbVB Level 2

          I think you're in the wrong forum - (don't see any previous messages

          from you here in Typography).


          This isn't a typography question - it has to do with print preparation

          in whatever application you're using - Photoshop, InDesign, or

          Illustrator. You have a better chance of getting a good answer in the

          appropriate application forum.


            - Herb

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            Ghoulfool Level 1

            You mean like this?


            It's easy. In photoshop (and yes, this is more of a photoshop question rather than a type question) If you have the text on a layer above the background (green) temporarily change the background to black. So you just have white text.. Select all and copy merged. Undo the black from the background so it's how it was.


            Above the text create a new layer. Fill it full of green. Create a new layer mask, paste in the black and white image we just copied as the layer mask. That'll give you the "green" area in white. You'll need to clean up the masking by turning the white text to black. But that's pretty much it. Hope this helps

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              Just_A_Mac_Guy Level 1

              If I read your question right, You are looking to keep the white while printing on a Green shirt.


              If that is the case, You need to create the white fill as a spot channel White and print the white with an opaque white ink as regulare 0%k / Paper colour will not generate the separations you require.