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    What is the Crop Tool doing when first activated?

    dwterry Level 1

      This question is really meant for the developers and not meant to look for a work around of any kind.


      Already in Develop mode. May have already made other changes (it matters not). Hit the Crop tool and the computer sits there and waits for a second or two before becoming active.  And attempts to begin changing the crop (after the tool becomes active) are met with frustration for the first moments as the UI does not respond.


      Background Info:

      Lightroom 4.1 final release, running on Win7-64 with a Core-i7 processor with 8Gb ram with all images, catalog and previews sitting on an SSD drive.  Images are from either the 5D Mark II or 5D Mark III.


      It just has me baffled.  Lightroom has already rendered the image (whether standard size or 1:1 it matters not). It's already sitting in develop mode (no mode switching here, just activation of the Crop Tool).


      Running at Core-i7 speeds, a second or two is an "eternity" with the billions of calculations the processor could be performing.  So what is it doing while waiting to activate the Crop Tool?


      Lightroom 3.x (any version) was fast at activating the Crop Tool.  Lightroom 4.x (any version) is slow.  What's the difference?  What is 4.x doing that 3.x did not do before the crop tool becomes active?


      There are many other issues. This is just one. Let's start by speeding up the Crop Tool ... k?  It's just such a simple operation, it's embarassing.