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    Macbook Pro Retina Display and Flash Player major issues




      Apple has recently released Macbook Pro's with Retina displays.


      I have tested my Flash application on the new laptop, and this is what I observe:


      1. My Flex SDK Flash application looks blurry and strange when I try to check it out from any Macbook Pro with Retina display, while looking sharp and OK from all other machines.


      On this screenshot you can sort of see the issue:




      (Expand the image to the actual size, and compare the Flex SDK components with browser labels. Browser labels look crisp, Flex SDK components look a little bit blurry.)


      2. It is no longer possible to click on anything in Flash Player Dialogs, such as:

      * Flash Player Settings

      * Webcam or microphone allow/deny dialog

      * All other dialogs (peer-to-peer access, etc)


      This issue makes it impossible to use video chat applications on Macbook Pro Retina's because users can't click allow/deny when requested for audio/video access.

      I have submitted reports about this to Adobe BugBase here:





      Please fix these issues.