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    why doesn't my Layers Panel have any info?

    Kar209 Newcomer

      Hello:                                                                                                         OS: Windows 7 64 bit


      I am quite new to Illustrator and today I am working on a tutorial.


      Thus far I have just one Layer. I went to Window > Layer so that the pallete would be open. However, there's no information in it. Only when I move it does the layer info show up.


      Am I missing something? I've never had this problem before. All I did was create a New Layer > Drew Circle > added a Gradient and then went to look at the layers pallete but nothing.


      Just wondering if I toggled something off by mistake. If so, I have no idea what to do to turn it back on.


      Also, I have tried shutting down Illustrator, tried a New File and have shut down my pc but nothing seems to bring back the info in the layers palette


      Thank you for your time and effort to help me




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          Kar209 Newcomer

          Well,  I ended up calling Adobe for help. It was a long and difficult process. I started calling them at 6:05pm (eastern time) and dealt with 7 disconnections and every time I had to call them back. Why they ask for your phone number is beyond me.


          Any way, at 9:00pm my time I was finally able to keep someone on the line. It only took about 3 minutes to fix after hours of phone tag (albiet one way tag).


          So, my layers dialog is working again. I wish I could explain how it was fixed but I could hardly understand the person at the other end ... I was able to understand just enough words after hearing them over and over to assist the fix.


          Now, I have an other problem ... aside from whatever it was that fixed the Layers problem having reset all my desktop icons to some sort of alphabetical order rather than how I had them organized, the fonts on my pc were set to extra huge and so on and so on ... NOW ... I cannot get the Alt + Shift + Drag to work the way it did before when the layers was not working.


          eg. I had drawn a line on a third layer ... then I had been clicking Alt + Shift + dragging that small line to the botton of a circle of which I would then group & duplicate and then use the rotate to place them all along the inner circumference of the circle ... but not any more ... nope ... I've simply traded one lesser problem (w/regard to that particular project) for a much bigger problem.


          OHHHHH Myyyyyy Gooooodness .... I need a valium the size of a hockey puck!! LOL

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            Wade_Zimmerman Ninja

            Try this


            1. Quit Illustrator.
            2. Rename the AIPrefs file (for example, to AIPrefs.old) in the Users/(user)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS# Settings folder.
            3. Start Illustrator. Illustrator creates a new preferences file.

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              Kar209 Newcomer

              Wade ...


              Thank you for your response


              I will go give that a go & then come back to luk how it worked out. I would LOVE to avoid an other phone marathon w/Adobe.

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                Kar209 Newcomer



                So, I tried your suggestion but it didn't work. I called Adobe and after a lot of trial and error they were able to fix the problem.


                There was a problem with my touchpad/mouse settings and a few other things. Winrar was downloaded and some sort of something installed.


                The Atl + Shift + Drag still doesn't work all that well when applying it to a line but it now works great with all the other shapes.


                Thanx again for giving it a go. Much appreciated.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Ninja

                  I was reluctant to suggest tha you might have a conflict as I have receive a lot of negative reaction to such a suggestion even after it prove to be so without even a hint of a thank you.


                  I am reluctant t suggest that you might still have a conflict  which is possible. But it is only a suggestion.

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                    Manish-Sharma Ninja

                    Can you provide the case number for the suppot call with Adobe.


                    and I agree with Wade , it does sound like it is a conflict somewhere but can't reach to the conclusion untill it is not checked.


                    So , you can try starting the machine in Safe mode and then check .

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                      Kar209 Newcomer

                      Hello there Manish


                      Sorry for taking a bit to get back here ... uhhh just so busy lately


                      any way, I am uncertain of exactly which case number from Adobe is in regard to this matter so, I am going to post the two most recent ones which appear to match by date received by me and when I made this post.


                      #1  0183386847

                      #2  0183382770


                      I think it's most likely the second one.


                      Hope this helps.


                      If you're able and/or have the time I would love to hear what you think after reviewing the case from Adobe.


                      If you live in the USA ~ I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July

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                        Manish-Sharma Ninja

                        I checked both the cases and found that


                        0183386847 :- is for the Shortcut key not working , which is resolved by the preference reset

                        0183382770 :  is for the Layer panel doesn't show info , which also show that the issue is resolved by the preference reset.


                        Interesting , Wade has alreay suggested Preference reset and it doesn't work for you .


                        Could you please provide the screen shot of the layers?

                        Also , Follow the below steps and it may help :-


                        1) Open the new document

                        2) Create the Circle and apply gradient

                        3) Go to Layers Panel ,


                        infornt of the Layers name Ex :- "Layer 1" , click on the triangle to see the component (details) of the objects in that layer.


                        BTW I'm in INDIA , but I enjoyed 4th of July with my collegue and Friends. Thanks.

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                          Jacob Bugge Legend



                          In some cases, just renaming/moving the AIPrefs file is not enough.


                          You may try to  Move the folder with Illy closed, in other words move the whole folder containing the AIPrefs file. If it fails to make a difference, you may move it back and regain your preferences, so it is reversible.

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                            Kar209 Newcomer

                            First of all I am so sorry for just getting back to this post as I had become busy with many things and then pretty much forgot about this post.


                            I too found it very odd that I did exactly what the nice folks at Adobe did and what Awesome Wade suggested but when I performed the actions things wouldn't work for me. All I can say is that I must have been doing something wrong ... LOL ... duh,   by that I mean I must'a skipped one tiny tiny step.


                            Uhhhh I dunno ... computers computers complicated little critters


                            Any way, I came back to give a waaaaay overdue HUGE thanx to all three of you!!


                            THANK YOU!!