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    Unexpected Match Name Searchecd For in Group (29:0)

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      I get this error:
      Unexpected Match Name Searchecd For in Group (29:0)

      when I call this Method:
      ERR(suites.StreamSuite2()->AEGP_GetStreamName(streamH, TRUE, stream_nameZ))

      that call is in this function:
      static A_Err ProcessStream(
      AEGP_StreamRefH streamH,
      A_char *stream_nameZ)
      A_Err err = A_Err_NONE;
      ERR(suites.StreamSuite2()->AEGP_GetStreamName(streamH, TRUE, stream_nameZ));

      it is being called from this function

      static A_Err recursiveCrawl(...)
      A_Char stream_nameAC[AEGP_MAX_ITEM_NAME_SIZE] = {'\0'};

      ERR(suites.StreamSuite2()->AEGP_GetNewLayerStream(S_my_id, layerH, AEGP_LayerStream_SOURCE_TEXT, &streamH));
      ProcessStream(streamH, stream_nameAC, out);


      Any thoughts? I am running through the whole project and getting all of the text layers and writing them out to XML. So recursiveCrawl has a for loop, it's getting the number of layers, etc etc etc... I have 7 itmes in 3 comps and I can varify that in processStream (I wrote out 7 items to my file) but when I attempt to che the stream name so I can get the value of the text, I get this error:Unexpected Match Name Searchecd For in Group (29:0)