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    HLS streaming with .mov origin file.


      I have a collection of .mov files (ISO Media, Apple QuickTime movie).


      I need to stream them to a web application using RTMP for flash supporting devices and HLS for iOS devices using HTML5 video tag.


      I have had no problems if I convert the files to MP4 and then use …/hls-vod/path-to-file.mp4.m3u8 but no luck with the QuickTime version.


      I have tried renaming the .mov file to .f4v given that this link suggests that .mov and .f4v have the same support.


      My questions are:


      1. Are .mov files only supported for RTMP streaming?
      2. Do I need to transconde my files to MP4 (or any other format) to be able to stream videos to Apple devices?
      3. If the answer to #2 is "yes", is there any free software to perform the transcoding for a CentOS EC2 based system automagically? My current option is a script that calls ffmpeg.



      Thanks for the support.