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    Newbie needing help deciding which adobe to buy...


      I am in the process of learning website design, and I keep hearing I should get adobe. Unfortunately, it hasn't be specified which "adobe" I need, and there are quite a few!


      A few details- I have been playing with Weebly, since it allows me to actually edit the html, so I am learning by trial and error ("what happens when I do this? Oh, oops"). I also have been taking whatever free online classes I can find.


      Rendering 3d images from autocad drawings are also a priority. I have an Aunt who does drafting, and she'll hire me to render.


      I also like the idea of being able to play with photos- I am by no means a photographer, but I do enjoy photography, and it would be cool to have the ability to do fun things with them. But this isn't as important as rendering or designing.


      So if I really want to learn to design awesome websites, render drawings, and maybe edit photos, which program should I use?



      Thanks in advance- I know I sound awfully flighty! Any advice or pointers are greatly appreciated!