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    CS6 errors U44M1I200


      I just tried to update my CS6 suite and afterward I got an error on several of the installs (Not all of them)) that indicates U44M1I200,. I also , since the last update have not had any luck launching my Acrobat X...I double click on the Icon, the system shows something is happening but it never launches. I read earlier about using creative suite cleaner,... Are you kidding me?... everytime I get an error like that I have to re-install all my software, then re setup my extensive collection of plug ins?.... I'm not digging this creative cloud as I'd never had update problems in any of my CS suites all the way back to before CS.

      Anyway, does anyone have any Ideas or a solution that doesnt include ethnic cleansing of my software?


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          Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

          Same here, craziness all over.

          But after a few runs some installs and updates seem to improve magically. Not all, some. Read my thread here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4536058


          Maybe you can find a manual update for Acrobat X, if that's crucial to you ? For the rest, I think I'll just wait until this AAM trouble has all blown over. Most (failed and succeeded) updates keep complaining about this "CSXS" stuff, which is probably some nifty but still useless framework to have some half baked new service run on sticks...


          Do I sound bitter ? YES. Because updating has often been an error-prone experience with Adobe software.