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    Downloadable help files

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      Anyone know where version-specific Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign help files are gone to? I keep being taken to a browser window with CS6 info only (as far as I can see).

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          Which version of the Help file you looking for ?

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            As a freelance finished artist I need to have access to user guides/help files for every version from CS2 onwards. (Please don't tell me to encourage my clients to upgrade. That's not my role, it's yours.) I managed to locate CS4 help files from your archive (after a 40 minute search) but can find nothing else. If I had known Adobe was going to switch to your new helpx system, I would have downloaded all user guide/help file pdfs that I could possibly need but all of the download links to these pdfs that I could find on your support pages now redirect to a helpx page - which I have to say I dislike intensely.


            The bottom line is: you've made your money from me, now give me back access to help files.

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              IvanDavid Adobe Employee



              The access to previous help files never went away. You still have access to them - from the respective product help pages. Please look for the link Previous versions link on each of these pages for links to older PDFs.



              I hope the investment you've made in Adobe software will continue to be mutually beneficial to you and your clients




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                Thanks Ivan! It would have been a hell of a lot better though if Adobe hadn't messed with the help system for previous versions in the first place.

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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Thanks for that Ivan, but that's pretty obscure. If you choose InDesign Help from the InDesign CS6 Help menu, you're taken to "InDesign Help/Help and Tutorials". There's no obvious link there.


                  If you do a search for a topic, there's no obvious link there.


                  You have to notice that the words "InDesign Help" in "InDesign Help/Help and Tutorials" is a blue: Oh, a link! Click on it to take you to the page referenced. Then look through the 7 pt. type on the right to find links to previous versions.


                  It's equally unlikely to find the more helpful PDF files.


                  I'm sorry but you guys had a reasonably functional Help system in CS5 and 5.5, and you broke it for no reason that I can guess.


                  As an Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Community Professional, I spend a lot of time helping beginners, and you've just made my job a lot harder.

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                    IvanDavid Adobe Employee

                    Hi Steve,


                    Am not sure if we're talking about the same thing here. But help me understand this, because this is important to both of us - that users find the PDF files with relative ease. When you click Help from inside the product, it is designed to go to the latest help meant for that specific release. I just checked and that is working fine. So,


                    • Were you expecting to find a link to the PDF help for the current versions on that page?
                    • Were you expecting to find links to PDF help for older versions on that page?




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                      Good to see another Adobe user is p***ed off about the new helpx system, Steve.


                      Ivan, going to the Help menu and clicking InDesign (or whatever) Help... brought you to a version-specific user guide, complete with contents and an index and a boy-do-I-wish-I'd-done-it option to download that help file pdf. The beauty of these help files was that you could work through them methodically to learn the application. Now you're brought to a near-useless system that you're forced to dig around in to find anything you want. Why Adobe had to mess with the help system is beyond me. And why you had to do this with earlier versions is completely unfathomable.

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                        Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                        That's NOT the way it's working if you've installed CS6. I just tried it on two of my Macintoshes.


                        I launched InDesign CS5.5, still installed on these computers. I chose Help > InDesign Help.


                        It launched the virtually useless AIR application, then when I switch to my browser it displays the same "InDesign Help / Help and tutorials" that CS6 displays. It does NOT show the CS5.5 Help.


                        You have to go through the steps I described before to find the old Help PDF files.


                        But beyond that, here are my main complaints:


                        (1) I checked through a couple sample sections of the InDesign Help file (which I know best).  It's much harder to find information in the new system. The nice bookmark system in the old file has been "simplified" so you can't find topics:


                        CS5/5.5 PDF Help had hierarchies of topics, making it easier to find what you want:


                        CS5 Tables.jpg

                        In CS6, only top-level categories are shown:



                        (2) For no reason, Help topics which were logically arranged before were edited to make it more difficult to find the most important information. For example, regarding the Printing topic, what most users want is what the settings in the Print dialog do:


                        In CS5, this was placed first:


                        CS5 Print.jpg

                        In CS6, the topics are jumbled around as shown below. The first thing is Trapping and Creating PostScript and EPS files (technical topics almost never needed any more). Other trapping topics are put at the bottom of the list. "Printing document" (what most people want is 2/3 of the way down.


                        CS6 Print.jpg

                        (3) Total misinformation is provided. If you go to Exporting and publishing > Export content to EPUB, the material is totally wrong. It's a description of EPUB export in CS5.5 NOT CS6. The options were totally moved around and new options were added which are not shown.


                        (4) Information is dropped from the PDF. An example would be "document templates". This is an essential piece of information for a beginner to know. To get to that information, there is a cross-reference to an online help file on Document Templates. Why isn't this included in the PDF file? It's not like you're paying to print a document. There's no excuse for excluding essential information.


                        (5) The PDF files are much easier to work with and don't require you to be online to view them. It's very hard to find the PDF files as noted above. In the earlier Help system there was a clear link at the top of the Help page to the PDF file. Now no one will find them.


                        (6) Similar problem with getting to the previous version Help files so you can help someone who is using a previous version.