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    I found a snap to pixel grid bug and it is super annoying.

    A Body

      Hi everyone,


      I just upgraded from Creative Suite 5.5 to 6 (on Mac) and I've found a bug.


      When pasting a text smart object from Illustrator to Photoshop, pixel grid snapping stays on no matter what and it is impossible to nudge the object effectively.


      My "Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid" and "Align Edges" preferences are both off.


      Here is a file demonstrating the problem.




      One of the objects in this file is an outline from Illustrator and the other is text from Illustrator.


      You'll notice that only the outline object can be moved, say, 0.3 pixels to the left.


      If you try to move the text object, it will just throw certain letters 1 pixel over.


      I hope Adobe can fix this because sub-pixel precision is darned important with on-screen text.