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    Where is JoeBloe Premiere?

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      Where has Joe gotten off to?


      Miss the posts in the forum.


      Hope all is well, and it's just been a very busy time.



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          I hope he comes back but changes his name...


          anyone have a good name suggesttion ???


          How about " Joe-The-Vampire-Hunter " ?


          I don't know why but basically the " bloe " kinda gives me a weird feeling....



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            joe bloe premiere Level 5

            Hahahahaha!  Thanks for caring!

            I'm still here now and then... I've just been buried in a huge 3d job that is taking all of my time.

            It's a remake of "Twitter Time" with cute animated characters.

            Picture something like this:



            Also, the new forum look tends to give me a headache trying to read the fine print

            (maybe I should go ahead and concede that I need glasses).

            And... I am still running CS5.0.3, and the forum is currently filled with

            CS6 specific questions / problems, along with mac specific issues

            on which I am not qualified to comment or advise.

            I am waiting for a lull in the action to install CS6 and work out any wrinkles.


            As for the name 'joe bloe'... at least I am now identified as a "Member" (gotta love that!).

            When I joined the forum in 2009 I tried my real name as a username... taken.

            Tried my name with initials... taken.  Tried my middle name... taken.

            So... I have a 'spam email account' that I use when I am forced to submit

            my email address somewhere that I feel sure is going to generate spam:


            I tried to create 'joe bloe' as my username... taken!

            In resigned frustration, I tried joe bloe premiere... and the rest is forum history.


            I have to admit there are some usernames that make me cringe a little...

            crackwitz, glosstud, Pharther Phurther and Steven Pribilinskiy for example.

            He**, the name RoboDog used to give me freaky nightmares!

            But for the curious and determined, I have left hints to my real name

            and contact info here on the forum.


            Cheers to all, and back to tweaking my photon emission and global irradiance mapping!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              The best part is that you ARE still around. I assumed a big project, or projects, and that is ALWAYS a good excuse for not haning out here. Heck, I often travel for many weeks at a time, but have a "Dr's excuse," so I get by.


              As for the name, I completely understand. Going way, way back, I was BILL HUNT, as there were no lower-case letters allowed, back then. At a point, I lost that, though not sure which forum change brought it on. I was then WAH3 (initials and as I am the III, seemed to fit). Lost that too. BILL HUNT was "taken," as was "WAH3." Out of the clear blue, I became The_Wine_Snob, which was an older screen name, that had never been used. Go figure. Then, and maybe with Jive (?), Bill Hunt opened back up, so I took that. Yes, it was a slight variation, but I wanted it, as I had been BILL HUNT for about 9 years, before what is now shown as my "Join Date."


              As for the new "skins," well I AM going blind, and there are tons of threads on the Forum Comments forum, regarding just those things. Most do not like them, but, like me, just plod along.


              Glad that things are good, and keep the faith.



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                Wow... now that I know the hoops you jumped through to get your user name accepted it doesnt seem bad at all !



                the name RoboDog used to give me freaky nightmares!



                hehe...sorry.. and " woof " to you... ( means " good luck on 3d project " )