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    Previewing PDF Forms


      I recently had LiveCycle reinstalled on my computer.  Now everytime I go to preview the PDF I'm creating, it opens in a new Adobe Pro document.  I would much rather it open in the LiveCycle tab.  Is there some setting or something somewhere that I'm missing to do that?



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          radzmar MVP



          check in the preferences (Ctrl + K) of Acrobat if the option "Display PDF in Browser" under the "Internet" settings is activated.

          If not, activate it and then restart Designer.

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            relsner Community Member

            That's what I was afraid of.  I have already tried that, but my previews are still popping up in a new Acrobat window rather than inside LiveCycle.  I think this may be something I just have to learn to live with...

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              radzmar MVP

              You may try to turn off the "Display PDF in Browser" option once, restart Designer, then turn it back on again.

              Sometime a registry setting got mixed-up by an de-/installation process.

              A repair of Acrobat may also help (Located under Acrobat's help menu).