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    AVCHD Help!


      We are using a Sony Handycam that shoots in AVCHD. I've already been through some issues with these files and managed to get them into the program and editing was completed, but in the end the video has wavy lines over any movement in the frame. Pans are much worse with the picture jumping. The untouched footage, before importing into adobe, is not as bad but there is still some glitching and it seems to be inconsistent - wavy lines in certain places are not there when played a second time but appear later in the footage.


      I understand the issues with.MTS and that a conversion needs to happen but the programs I have tried thus far, albiet free ones and trials, have not helped. Just wondering what I can do to fix the footage or even make it a fraction better. We will be upgrading our camera so this will not be something we will have to deal with long term, but we'd like to salvage the footage we have already taken.


      Thank you!