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    cannot "grab" the scrollable content...?



      Im having a problem with the scrollable content option.


      I have a list of thumbnail pictures that at same time each thumbnail is  a button linked to different pages.

      what happens is that I cant "grab" the content to scroll it, and jumps to the the page linked.


      this wasnt happening in older version where i could perfectly "grab" to schroll and when I only "tap" the thumbnail jumped to the link...


      Is someone having the same problem?


      Thank you.

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          BobLevine UGM

          Have you actually enabled it as scrollable content? With the frame selected open the scollable content pane and make sure to set everything appropriately.



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            naokitomita Community Member

            Hi bob thank you for you replay.


            Yes I think there is no problem in the settings.

            Selected the frame  i have;

            direction : Autodetect

            indicator : hide

            position : upper left



            Here is an image of the scrollable content,

            i can't grab it when i touch the image=button

            but i can grab the gray part in between...


            and there is no problem when I test it in the desktop viewer,

            it only happens when I test it on the iPad,

            and tested it on different iPads...


            what can be the problem




            thank you.


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              Bhaskar J Lahkar

              This is happening because the thumbnails are buttons and they are responding to the on release touch action. Best solution is to design a scroll handle in any one side of the frame which is just a static image and you can make it look like a real life scroll object.

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                naokitomita Community Member

                Hi, thank you for your answer,

                yes, I know that would work but what I want know is if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong or its how works now.


                again it worked in older versions,

                I could grab the thumbnail=button part too, and tapped it worked as a button.



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                  Bhaskar J Lahkar Community Member



                  I just created and tested and it's working fine for me... I mean I can scroll from any part of the frame and mso is active only when I tap a thumbnail photo which is a button.


                  I placed 12 pics in indesign and grouped them. Then I used the place into button to put it in a frame. I used overlay creator and made it a scrollable fame. I also created a mso of digit 1 to 12 and used the  12 pics as buttons to go to each state. Published the folio. Tested it in desktop and iPad... It's working alright. I guess there is something wrong with your process. Do reply.

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                    Bhaskar J Lahkar Community Member

                    Hey, I even tried putting a single image inside the scrollable content frame with blank frames on top and grouped with the single image, used as buttons... It still works...


                    I think Bob is right... Check your scrollable content settings... I think you have not set the scroll direction properly or it may still be saying off...

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                      naokitomita Community Member

                      Hi Bhaskar,

                      Thank you so much for trying all these..!


                      well...what I am doing is exactly the same steps  as you did and the settings are all right.

                      Maybe it is a bug in the japanese version I have installed...(beacuse I had other problems...)


                      So... any idea what else can be....?


                      Thanks again.

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                        Hi bob,

                        Im still here having this problem...

                        the only thing that i found is that i can "grab" the content

                        when the buttons function is to change the MSO.


                        when I put the button linked to another page is when i cant grab anymore the scrollable content...


                        I would like to know if this is normal.


                        once again Ive checked all the setting in the overlay creator and everything is fine.


                        thank you so much.



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                          tk @ tag Community Member



                          I'm having the same problem as well for some time now. Since the v20 was released the buttons inside a scrolling frame cannot be 'grabbed'. Only if you scroll in the 'inactive' area the content scrolls, if you touch a button and scroll (not tap) the frame doesn't scroll. Again this was perfect in before but something seems to have changed.


                          Bob, any idea?


                          Cheers, Tony

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                            BobLevine UGM

                            I certainly wouldn't eliminate changed behavior or a bug, but I haven't run into this yet.


                            If I have some time I'll try to put a test file together and check it out.