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    Restarting during rendering

    Shane P Community Member



      I have a very bizarre issue. Up until several days ago my sytem ran beautifully. I had Vista 64 with MC5.5 and all of the apps, PPRO in particular ran borderline perfect. It was certainyl slow as my system has only 8Gigs and is bare minimum at best but it does meet the minimum system requirements.


      Intel Core 2 Quad CPU


      Asus Board

      (Don't know what oter info you guys would need).


      About 6 or 7 days ago I was prompted by Windows update that updates were available. I went ahead and installed the updates and when Windows was going through the reboot process during the process in which it configures the updates it never finished rebooting and wouldn't come back up.


      I brought it down to a local computer shop and the guy there was able to boot it up and it appeared that all of the Windows updates had installed sucessfully. I got it home, ran CCleaner, doubled checked Windows update again and everything seemed to be running smoothly again.


      I set up some files to encode in AME and my computer restarted during the encode. I was irritated but thougt maybe something happened like a switch on the power strip got hit or something (I wasn't present when the restart happened). So I restarted, set everything up again, started rendering again and it rebooted again while rendering. It kept doing this to me and I could not get a complete encode done. What's weird is everything else ran smoothly, cutting in PP was fine, it was only when I rendered.


      I looked online for some possible solutions and I opened up the prompt and ran sfc/scannow and it did find an error which it said it repaired. Same result. I decided not to try to hunt down a ghost problem and I just did a clean install of the OS and in the process installed CS6.


      CS6, PP in particular was running beautiful and then I set of a few sequences to render in AME and it restarted again. Since I did a clean install of the OS, I know it's not the Adobe apps doing it, I am suspicious of the Bios, It's weird because it only does it when rendering. Whether I export straight from PP or send to AME it restarts. I made it through a couple of short encodes without it restarting, it was about a 30 second sequence which took about 10 minutes to encode. Any sequences that are about several minutes or longer I can't make it through and my machine reboots.


      As I said I know it's not the apps. Everthing started getting funky when I had the Windows update go awry, What do you think? Did my Bios or something get messed up?


      I know this is most likely not an Adobe or PP problem, but seeing it happens only when encoding I am hoping that someone has an idea as I don't know where else to turn. I tried finding solutions online hoping not to bother you guys but just don't know where to go from here. I'm not that deep into the hardware end of it like a lot of you are.


      Thank you for taking the time to read and any assitance would be greatly appreciated.



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          John T Smith CommunityModerator

          >only does it when rendering. Whether I export


          Small point... rendering is when you hit the enter key for timeline playback operation... transcoding is when you export to a new file


          It sounds like your problem is during transcoding... which places a LOT of stress on the hardware, especially the CPU... which can cause overheating


          Crash/Restart may also be caused by corrupted drivers, which MAY be your problem


          Some reading, and troubleshooting steps (not all are specific to PPro)




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            Harm Millaard Community Member

            This is a hardware problem. Use Memtest86+ to stress test your memory and use Prime95 to stress test your system. Use HWMonitor or Speedfan to monitor your temps while running the Prime95 stress test. Let us know what your temps are.

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              the_wine_snob Community Member

              During operations, a reboot is a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), whether you see that, or not, will depend on the settings that you have applied, on errors.


              This ARTICLE addresses many of the common causes, and also has links to Harm's tools (they came from him), plus a few more, to help you troubleshoot the root issue(s) behind the BSOD.


              I agree that hardware is the most likely candidate, but also bad low-level drivers can cause what you observe. I would look to hardware first, and then to low-level drivers.


              Good luck, and I would address this problem ASAP.



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                Shane P Community Member

                Thank you all very much. I will try to find these tools and read the articles and try to narrow down what is going on. I currently have Speccy from Piriform installed and when running AME or PP I see that my CPU temp goes from around 48-50C up to about 72C. My MB shoots up to about 65C.


                Not sure if it over heating or not. This morning I was running AME and was about 15 minutes in and a reboot. This time when it rebooted as it was starting to come back it stopped on the screen where you can choose to start Windows normally or safe mode, etc etc came up and before I could even make a selection it rebooted again from that screen. It rebooted 3 times in a row from that same screen and finally after the last time I quickly hit Start Windows normally and the OS came up. Very frustrating trying to isolate this. I dont know if maybe the temps were to high and kept rebooting to they cooled down or something? Arghhh!


                Thank you all for your continued assistance. I will play with it more today and and try to use some of Harm's resources to see what I can find out.



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                  the_wine_snob Community Member

                  When temps get above the max, protection circutry usually steps in, and one cannot reboot completely, until the temps fall to below the allowed limit. Sounds like Harm's first shot at this might be "right-on." Also, heat is at the top of the list, of possibilites.


                  Good luck,



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                    Shane P Community Member

                    I have been running some tests and I think the problem was in fact hardware, specifically CPU overheating. I found the tools Harm suggested and beofre I ran those I wanted to open the case up and take a look. There was some dust in it but surprisingly not much. I sucked out what was in there and left the side panel off. When I was transcoding in AME I was watching temps in Speccy. The CPU would get up to around approx 73C. I thought that was in normal operating range but I guess not. With the case left open and exposed the CPU temp came down and averaged about 63-65C. I then placed an external fan in front of the case and have it blowing diretly on the MB and CPU and the CPU temp is averaging approx 58-60C.


                    I have transcoded a few files already successfully without incident. So overheating appears to have been the problem.


                    The CPU fan is running fine as well as the other system fans. Any idea why it would suddenly start overheating? Everything is in an air conditioned room and I think adequate airflow. Is that a sign a piece of hardware is starting to fail?


                    Bill, is there a setting in the BIOS that tells the system to restart when it reaches a specific temp?



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                      Jim_Simon Community Member

                      Is that a sign a piece of hardware is starting to fail?


                      I'd be concerned about the CPU shutting down at less than 80C myself.  But then, yours is quite old.

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                        Harm Millaard Community Member



                        The thermal protection circuitry is apparently kicking in and causing the reboots. There is nothing in the BIOS or elsewhere to prevent that from happening. What may help is adding fans to your case to improve the airflow and to renew the thermal paste under the CPU cooler. If you don't have any cooling paste lying around, consider Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra, described in the Cooling panel here: Planning and building a new NLE system.

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                          Shane P Community Member

                          Thank you all for your help. Everthing seems to be working fine for the moment but I have to address the issue. After reading Harm's article about building a new pc I think I am going to buy one of those listed MOBO's and take my time and start building a new system. No point in investing any more into this 3 year old outdated box. I can still use it for PS, DW, etc but thats bout it.


                          Thank you all again, much appreciated!!!



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                            the_wine_snob Community Member

                            Keep your fingers X'ed, and maybe all will be OK.


                            What happens often, is that regular editing stresses a machine, but only to a certain point. Then, Rendering, or Export, increases the load, and in several areas. It might be accessing RAM, above the norm, and hitting bad RAM, or it might increase the heat from the HDD's, or the CPU, or the GPU. It is in those times of stress, that weaknesses can be encountered, that lie dormant under normal loads.


                            Good luck, and Harm DOES have some great tips on building, or buying, one's super editing machine.



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                              Shane P Community Member

                              Fingers are crossed so hard they're breaking lol. For extra airflow I'm just leaving the side panel off of my tower. I have thoruoghly read Harm's page on building an editing computer. Most of it I understood, some was over my head but a very informative read. Thank you Harm for taking the time to write the artice.


                              And thank you everyone for taking the time to help me out, very, very appreciated!


                              Shane - Back to editing in CS 6 which has been a little choppy but overall rock solid for me thus far!

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                                the_wine_snob Community Member



                                When you have a moment, you might want to make note of anything in Harm's articles, that you did not fully understand. Just make a list. Post to the Adobe Premiere Hardware Forum, and I'll bet that Harm, and others, can fill in any blanks, and explain what is confusing.


                                Good luck,