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      Hello i work at a magazine in spain and with adobe we have created the magazine and the app, but after uploading to apple, we receive the next message:




      We found that your app did not achieve the core functionality described in your marketing materials or release notes, as required by the App Store Review Guidelines.


      After going through the purchase process of Auto-Renewable subscription, a communication error message appears:

      1. Launch app

      2. Tap "Subscribe" button

      3. Tap the subscription option

      4. In App Purchase confirmation window appears

      5. Tap "Confirm"

      6. Enter Apple ID and password

      7. Share-personal-information window appears

      8. Tap either of "Allow" of "Don't Allow"

      9. Share-personal-information window dismisses

      10. A server communication error message appears


      So, my question is, what should i do??? what do i need to fix this problem?


      Can somebody please help