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    "Post results" popup


      Hi all,


      I'm using internal server reporting for my quizzes.


      I've been searching internet for 2 months to find any workaround to skip the ugly useless gray popup when you click "post results" at the end of a quiz.

      I say "useless" because my users are already logged when they begin their course and i'm able to have their personal informations in "internalServerReporting.php".


      There were many people on internet looking for the same/similar thing, event on this forum:


      How can I change the login screen to post results to a local server?

      Editing Post Results Popup


      But i didn't find any workaround or any clue to begin with to do anything to that popup, seems nobody knows... I even tried to search captivateMainTimeline.as and other captivate native as3 files to see if I could find it, without success.


      So please, please please I beg you, if you have any clue, please tell me what to do to modify/delete that popup


      In fact what i would like is to auto send results to my internal server when the user just finished his quiz.


      That would be perfect.

      Excuse my 'frenchy' english. Thanks for reading me. See you ^^.

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          botte-secrete Level 1

          As I thought, nobody is able to help me ><.


          I found some new things like the CPGURU widget which seems to do exactly what I want for 50$ :

          Quiz Data Extension Widget


          Michael, the developper, figured out how to send the whole data avoiding the post results popup. I'd like to buy this but my superior doesn't agree.


          I also tried to find by myself by decompiling(not sure of the word) the captivate published SWF:

          Quiz data is send by a class named InternalServer extending a TrackingAdapter class.

          Post results popup seems to be an instance of the "InputDialog" class.


          If I can find the place where this AS3 script is generated I think I can modify it to match my needs.


          I'll be happy to share the solution for free if I success.


          Any clue ?

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            This is also what I need, auto (required) reporting of results, but in my case I do need them to enter name and email address since they are not logged in, there is no LMS wrapped around the Captivate project. I am using Captivate 6.Thanks so much for bringing this issue up.