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    Error: The page size aspect ratio must match the folio aspect ratio. Why?


      OK, so this is driving me crazy.


      I've got a Folio set to 2048 x 1536. I've been adding articles, the InDesign document setup of which are all 1024 x 768 (all horizontal) and with Intent: Web. So far, everything has been working as it should. I now want to have an article that is 1024 x 1000 (that is, 1000 pixels high), which the user can smooth scroll down to see the rest of the feature. However, when I try to add the article to the Folio Producer, I get the message: "Content generation error. [Error: The page size aspect ratio must match the folio aspect ratio.]"


      Now, I've read on the forums here that all I need to do it make sure the smooth scrolling option is selected, but when adding the article, there is no option for Smooth Scrolling. The new article window only has Article Name, Default Format (PDF), JPEG Quality, and a tickbox for Horizontal Swipe only. There is nothing about Smooth Scrolling.


      Also, when I try the import article method, where there is a Smooth Scroll option (and where I've selected the Vertical Only option), I still get the same error (the folder I was selecting had one ID5.5 document in it, with the _h suffix)


      I'm certain that there's something quite simple that I'm doing wrong, but I would greatly appreciate someone telling what it is...