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    Developing an Add-in for Adobe Reader to insert the PDF into Lotus Notes



      We currently have a document management solution in MS Word & Excel, where by you can open/create a document click a button that is linked to a macro and it brings a Document Management screen up and allows you to save the file into a new Lotus Notes Document.

      We are now trying to get the same functionality into Adobe Reader, whereby a user can open a PDF they have on their PC and then go to a menu item and it will perform similar function to our macro/VB that we have setup in MS Word & Excel.

      Does anyone know of anyone who has developed such an idea or could point me in the right direction of where to start developing as I have never developed any add-in/plug-ins for Adobe Reader.


      This needs to be done really in Visual Basic, but any help would be great



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          lrosenth Adobe Employee

          You start by downloading the Acrobat SDK.


          In the SDK is information about developing a plugin for Reader, which will require you to obtain a license from Adobe.  Submit the necessary paperwork to see if you are approved.   It doesn’t make much sense to start development if you don’t get approval.


          Once approved, you will want a copy of Adobe Acrobat for development as it’s easier than developing with Reader.


          Plugins are developed in C/C++ and there are samples in the SDK.