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    Help fast pls! how to make image gallery scrolling with mouse Over click and enlarge

    bogdano. Level 1


      pls help .. i need to make an image gallery scrolling left or right side and on mouseOver the animation stops and when clicked on certain image,  that image to enlarge and be centered aligned , also when click outside  the animation to resume . in AS3, CS4


      let me tell u . what i created so far :


      i have about 20 pictures ( event flyers ) .. and i converted each one  to a  mc and then a btn ( the flyers saturations i set it to -90 on Up state and on Over state  the saturation to 0. then i aligned and resize all of them horizontally , and then i selected all and made an MC.  then i inserted a keyframe to about frame 200 and moved th MC to tha left and did a classic tween.. and the animation moves continuosly  to the left side and on mouse over the flyers regain thei saturation!  hope u understand what i did


      im not very good at AS,and i'm looking for a simple way to achieve what i need cuz i have a deadline and don't have time. so pls help me