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    Bridge CS6 64-bit AND 32-bit crash!

    markerline Level 4

      I am not sure why this is but Bridge CS6 crashes in either 64-bit version or 32-bit version.  I do not have the same problem with Bridge CS5.5 which I believe is 32-bit.


      I can't fathom that a 64-bit app with as much memory (more than 8GB) on my machine and a pretty decent NVidia Quaddro card would cause such issues.  I had installed the latest video drivers not that long ago (within the past 2-6 months) when I was experiencing a separate issue on a non-adobe software crash on startup.  Changing or upgrading the video driver caused the software to become responsive again and this was with a 3D software application.


      If 64-bit apps are supposed to see the maximum RAM why would my 32-bit CS5.5 not crash in the following scenario? :


      A top-level or sub-top level directory which is displaying results from subfolders and when I navigate to a thumbnail CS6 crashes but CS5.5 does not.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I think I have at least 1GB Vram