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    Subscribe Multiple Secure Zones

    gregory_manoj2000 Community Member



      Is it possible to subscribe multiple secure zones using a single webform :

      Example : Secure Zone 1 - payment is needed (when subscribed order should be generated)

      Secure Zone 2 : no payment required.


      User when submits a single webform user gets susbcribed to Secure Zone 1 as well as Secure Zone 2.


      Thank you

      Greogry M

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          Liam Dilley MVP

          Hey Greogry

          Not currently unless you ajax trigger a second web form in the process of the first.

          Need to be nifty with your scripting though.


          What is offered in the second securezone? Because if you take payment a securezone is not assigned unless that payment is confirmed wont go through you can just offer that one.

          When they login you could have another form that is a "get access to xxxxx" which can just be a button. In actual fact it is a form with hidden fields pre-populated because the person is logged in. On clicking the button the form submits and they now have access to that other securezone.

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            gregory_manoj2000 Community Member

            Thanks Liam for the support

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              BrianEricksonCO Community Member

              I've been thinking about this scenario on my current project.


              The only reason people join our site is to gain access to premium content (lessons). When that access expires, so does their access to clicking on the hidden form button you've proposed which would subscribe them to the "upgrade/renew" securezone (ie: "Click here to upgrade/renew"). 


              So, it seems, upon signing up for a regular membership, I'd have to immediately present the new member with an obvious button which says "ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT" (even though it is already active), and, by clicking this button he/she would then be subscribed to the non-expiring "upgrade" securezone.  This seems risky, since someone may never bother to click activate.


              Which leaves, somehow Ajaxing someone in to the upgrade securezone upon their initial membership signup.


              Am I understanding correctly? Or can somone point out a better way to do this?




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                Liam Dilley MVP

                No Brian, no manual process no.