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        I've been missing one big thing for me as a cartograther. It's about smart guides.

        When I'making a map over a city for example, the streets are often linked together in a 90 degree angle. The problem is that the roadnet are not always in a straight angle to "up and down" in illustrator.

        What I'm looking for is a smart guide that gives me a sertain angle (for example a 90 degree angle)  from the last drawn line. See pict.

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          This applies to all of the Adobe  Creative Suite Design Premium:


          Currently, if you go to the font drop down  menu, you see a preview list of all fonts installed on your computer.   Supposedly, if you turn some fonts off in a seperate font manager  program, you ca control which fonts display or dont display.



          But there is  no way to efficiently group fonts so they are easy to get to:


          for example  if i am in illustrator , photoshop or indesign,  i should be able to go  to ...


          Type  > fonts > favorites > helvetica neue


          Type >  fonts > web > verdana


          Type > fonts > hand  written > "chicken scratch"


          You get the idea....


          It would be  great if this function were integrated into the personal workspaces  feature


          and  panels maybe ?  you could open up the "san serif" panel which would  have previews of everything you put in that category displayed like  brish strokes preview panel.

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            I'm working with SCADA systems, like Siemens Wincc, Cytect, Cimplicity, and so on.

            There is a problem with every single one of them. Their graphic editors are extremly poor.

            I wish there some day could come a HMI/SCADA system with the Adobe Illustrator as a drawing tool, and you would be able to take advantage of all the cool effects and posibillities Illustrater gives you, when drawing HMI projects.


            Is this something you ever have concidered to make?


            It's hard to be used to working with cool effects in Illustrator, and you suddenly have to deal with the poor drawing tools in SCADA systems....


            Why don't you bang your heads together with the guys in Siemens, and make a f... nice Scada system with Illustrator Drawing engine? :-)


            I hope it will happen one day :-)

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              Yes, PLEASE put the halftone pallete (or something that will allow us to do the same things) from Freehand in illustrator!


              I need to be able to assign specific screen angles and frequencies within one document (without changing any colors).

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                Frank Heller Level 2

                I love the new Shape Builder tool in AICS5. However, in practical use, I wish the thing would work over un-selected objects. Imagine how much speedier things could go if, it could pull that little trick off?


                At present, with the tool selected, Shift/Command will let you select an object or drag select  objects as a group....so it's almost there. But if it were to let you select and merge (or subtract) in one fluid motion with only the Option key in play (toggling Subtract) I think it would be a lot faster and more intuitive to use.

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                  Scott Falkner Level 6


                  That is a good idea and I suggest you submit it as a feature request. Adding your request to this useless grab-bag discussion is pointless since it does not show up as a requested feature when viewing the topics on the forum.

                  It is generally a bad idea to start such grab bag discussions and also to submit ideas to them. If you want your feature request to get noticed and spark interest, make it a new post instead of burying it where it will not be seen.

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                    Trevor Metcalfe

                    Hi Mordy,


                    I wish the developers could find something to replace the scribble effect.  There used to be a 'hatch' filter in version six of Illustrator that was scrapped because it was considered to be too complex, I think.  However, when you got the hang of it, it was great!  The hatch you created could even be applied to a gradient. It would be good if something like it could be created as an effect.  Just make it less complex!


                    I've never heard of a single Illustrator who's found the scribble effect useful or had a good word to say about it.  Ditch it, Adobe.


                    Best wishes,



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                      John Stanowski Level 2

                      I like the Scribble effect just fine when it's not abused. Keep it.

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                        font9a Level 1

                        your idea is a good one. I would definitely use it!


                        also, make the lasso tool a bit more flexible — like hold shift to constrain to straight lines while dragging, alt to create an "anchor point" in the selection, etc.


                        Also, make the select similar objects tool a bit more robust — make it include type and type styles

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                          Onnozel Level 1

                          I have a few easy to realise ideas. I teach fashion designers all over the world Adobe Illustrator for seven years now. They really need a few simple things. When you create a Brushes library, it would be helpfull if you could give each Brush a color. I mean inside the Brushes panel and Graphic Styles panel as well.This way, users can find a brush more quickly. Also, it would be helpfull when you create a library that it does not have to go into alphabetical order automaticly. Maybe there is a way that users can specify them selves in which order the library will be saved and shows when you open the library.


                          Then, a huge miss is large previews inside the Symbols panel. In fashion the Symbols could be used to store stuff like buttons, zipper pullers etc. But it doesn't work good enough because the previews are way to small. I mean they need BIG previews. For instance when command / control clicking on a Symbol, showing a huge preview.

                          Another great great help would be if it would be possible to instantly add something to a library like Brushes, Swatches, Symbols or Graphic Styles. Now you have to open the library file as a regular document drawing. Then add or edit content, save it. And open it as a library again. The result is, at almost all my customers, designers do not make their own libraries, because they think it is to difficult, or to much work.


                          In fashion lots of designers came from Canvas. They constantly keep asking me if it is possible to crop a picture inside Illustrator. I would not encourage Photoshop editing inside Illustrator to much. But, cropping a picture would be a huge time saver. Also files can stay smaller in size, because now they still have to use a clipping mask to do the job.


                          I have to create installers for designers which installs all my libraries, actions and workspaces automaticly. But that's difficult because each computer is different in screen size etc. Maybe it would be cool if there would be some kind of preferences manager where designers can install libraries, pre-saved workspace, shortut files etc etc. Lot's of designers find it to difficult to remember where to store all this stuff and make al this stuff. That's how I make a living doing it for them. But still it would be cool if all this stuff could be done from one sort of wizzard / manager. And even cooler if I could automaticly save a file that installs all this myself created stuff at a users computer automaticly. The biggest pain is that to much IT departments do not realize the users need to be able to edit their 'Presets' folder. Often they get no acces to that so they cannot work properly. You could say, that's ignorent IT work. In fact that's true. But you can solve the problem making one manager from where you can install all these personal preferences. And off-course this stuff should be stored at a place where you are sure users will allways have acces to it. Even if an IT department locks down almost the whole computer.


                          I know a well devloped IT department should work with clients properly pre-installed and configured. But in reality that's hardly the case. I work for the biggest fashion brands in the world and I only know one company in the Netherlands who are almost doing it right. And then, it becomes even harder because I need this IT department if a user want's to make changes in the standard library structure.


                          Good luck developing Illustrator. Since CS4 Illustrator finally became te most interesting tool for the fashion industry. Thanks to the multiple artboard feature.


                          Onno Rijpstra


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                            Rob from Mustang land Level 1

                            I do have several ideas for Illustrator which I have been using since version 10 and now I have CS4. I have started using it more frequently, since my main vector based graphics programs (Harvard Graphics and Harvard Chart) are not supported in Windows 7. They are still shipping the product but there is no clue that it will not work under the new Windows.


                            I do a lot of scientific graphic work and need what are known as population pyramids which are paired histograms back to back.  I helped design the HGAP version and they did a lovely job, but this was in the 1990s when software companies really did listen to their clients.


                            I also use SPSS which does produce population pyramids but their graphic editor is a real dog and slow to boot.SPSS is unable to produce high quality production ready graphs, so I am obliged to draft my pyramids on the virtual machine version of HGAP, export to .wmf, and place them into Illustrator to fix them up.  In short, I know Illustrator can produce the desired quality of output, but every element has to be reformatted.


                            I have examined the entire graph mini feature in Illustrator and confess I am disappointed both in the range of graphs it can do and the entire interface of the graph feauture. It needs to be made MUCH MORE FRIENDLY.


                            I think Illustrator could reach the market segment that I represent, the science and general academic community with a little revision of a really good product.


                            yours faithfully,

                            Rob Shell


                            University of the Western Cape

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                              In the unit interface properties when you right click on the right hand toolbar there is a way to manipulate the smart guides.  Could the smart guides have some sort of an icon or a hotkey so you could quickly switch between the different guides?

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                                Devoteez Level 1

                                Please make us able to pick the appearing colour from blendmodes and transparencys.


                                Let me explain:

                                If I make a blue box, and then put another box, say yellow, overlapping the blue one while having transparency and/or blendingmode other than normal - I cannot pick the appearing colour where the boxes overlap.


                                The pipette will pick up the solid colour of the yellow box, and also If you checked it, the transparency/blending-MODE - but there is no option to just get the appearing colour. The only way to do this is to rasterize the artwork and pick the colour that way, then undo. Not quite elegant.

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                                  Forest Service Madison Level 1

                                  I will be out of the office starting  03/05/2011 and will not return until



                                  I will respond to your message when I return.

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                                    i want to group without everything getting placed on the same layer.

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                                      A graphing tool that works. Something that can import charts and graphs from excel or
                                      powerpoint. It also need a major useability upgrade.

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                                        Forest Service Madison Level 1

                                        Absolutely. A long-needed change that would make work of designers dealing

                                        with researchers much easier!

                                        Karen Nelson

                                        Visual Information Specialist

                                        Forest Products Laboratory


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                                          Many - you have forgotten the technical illustration community. -

                                          Why don't you purchase the rights to the Graffix tools and incorporate them into Adobe Illustrator so that users can keep up with the latest versions?

                                          Rick Johnson has been unable to migrate his tools to CS4 or CS5 on PC

                                          ISO drawing tool

                                          Filters to separate such things as line types, fills, stray points, colors, fills,

                                          better cutting tools when many items need to be cut with a straight line

                                          CGM export and SVG export

                                          wider array of import file types

                                          after using illustrator since running it on a test copy of version 1 - I HATE to have to move to another software tool because Illustrator is no longer relevant in the industry.


                                          Corel's Technical Illustrator is beginning to look better and better to the industry I work for.

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                                            Nicholas Avallone Level 1

                                            Show/Hide Bleed Contents:

                                            Provide a toggle to show/hide contents that bleed off the artboard. It's hard to believe that feature isn't already in!

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                                              I spend WAY too much time moving my artboard around. I'd love to see another FreeHand feature included in AI where after you select an object you can zoom in on that object and have it centered on the screen when you hit Command +. When you do that now, the selected item is off the screen somewhere and you have to move it back to where it's visible again. Drives me crazy!

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                                                MarioMari Level 1

                                                Both features are very much needed.

                                                I miss it back to the last option Zoom.

                                                The horror that has still not been introduced in Illustrator.

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                                                  ein armer Indesignuser Level 1

                                                  am 25.05.11 15:12, DAWilson at forums@adobe.com schrieb:


                                                  I spend WAY too much time moving my artboard around. I'd love to see another

                                                  FreeHand feature included in AI where after you select an object you can zoom

                                                  in on that object and have it centered on the screen when you hit Command +.

                                                  When you do that now, the selected item is off the screen somewhere and you

                                                  have to move it back to where it's visible again. Drives me crazy!


                                                  OK, bevor I do fillfill your wish in Applescript you can find an already

                                                  existing solution for $7 at this place:



                                                  And yes, your right. It's really a shame for Illustrator/Adobe that we still

                                                  need an plugin for this simple action


                                                  Best regards

                                                  Michael Slomski

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                                                    Is there a way to use the pencil tool and draw by clicking where you want each node to be and then adjust it after?

                                                    Instead of drawing a rough line and using the white arrow to fix it.


                                                    If not, I would like to see this option added.  And maybe some node options like Corel Draw 10 had.

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                                                      1. Please make an "PASTE INTO" function in Illustrator, and please make it so, that the stroke or fill doesn't disappear like it does when you make a clipping mask. OR alternatively....improve the clipping mask function (make some clipping mask settings) so it becomes optional if you want the stroke/fill to disappear.


                                                      2. Shortcuts: Please make the "File" menu similar to the "File" menu in InDesign....so that "Export" gets the shortcut "Ctrl+E" and the "Place" function gets the shortcut "Ctrl+D". It's a bit annoying that I have to assign the shortcuts myself, when it could be standard like it is in InDesign.


                                                      3. Make it more logical and easy to make a transparent gradient. Like in the Photoshop "layer style-menu". It's so easy to make gradients in Photoshop, from solid to solid color or from solid color to nothing, it should be just as easy in Illustrator.

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                                                        add at info pallete the area of a choosing draws

                                                        so, if i select a curves object, i can know its cm2 mm2 etc.


                                                        my apologizes for my english...





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                                                          minimum99 Level 1

                                                          I am wondering if anyone interested in a plugin I created to allow clip mask to work like painting paths with color swatches.

                                                          That is, you create a library consisting of images (jpg files) you brought into illustrator. Then, you select one or more paths and click an image swatch, the path will be clipped. I also solve all the problems one might encounter when selecting, editting clipped paths. bbscreenshot.jpgAlso, I created a set of, what I called AlphaFinder, similar to pathfinder, but it works with clipped paths as well as regular unclipped paths. My plugin has many other powerful features to edit clipping mask.  Attach image show the image library I mention above.


                                                          I hope to raise enough interests to start making it available, commercially.


                                                          I also created a plugin to do 2D animation inside of Adobe Ilustrator. You can view an example of this movie I created using that plugin here:


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                                                            jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                                                            1. Revamp the graphs feature!

                                                            2. Include Mini Bridge.

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                                                              rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                              I have not sense that Illustrator is listening to my requests. There is plenty of room for productivity improvements in AI, I've stated them numerous times, with no change. New features are nice, but when an old feature breaks, with a new release, I'm stuck in the old version. Example:


                                                              Editing gradients that use global colors is broken in AICS6. I can no longer drag-n-drop a global color onto a slider, to update the gradient. This is a critical production workflow for me, that cancels my migration to CS6. When will this be fixed?


                                                              Gradient blend editing, in general, should be improved:


                                                              1. Allow multiple slider selection, so section of a gradient can be moved in one step.
                                                              2. Fix the "sticky" slider bug that wrecks havok when trying to move sliders (I'm sure I'm not alone).
                                                              3. Provide a button to "Simplify" blend, that will delete multiple sliders at once.


                                                              I'm sure there are more great ideas for improving gradient editing.

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                                                                rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                This is amazing, minimum99! Great work.

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                                                                  bluefire777 Level 1

                                                                  I find snap to guides does not work consistently as well, when I drag an anchor over another anchor, and the objects are zoomed out, smart guides shows that it is overlapping the other anchor by reading änchor" or path", but when you zoom into that anchor it is not actually on the other one, it  misses it.

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                                                                    bluefire777 Level 1

                                                                    problem with scribble is it loops the scribbles, I would like a straight hatch or slightly varied hatch as single straight lines, as an effect to save on anchors, perhaps as an option in the scribble dialog.

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                                                                      bluefire777 Level 1

                                                                      shape builder allows you to press ALT to clip off open ends of paths that stick out from closed areas created by paths, say you draw 4 paths, they are overlapping to create a square shape, the outer ends are open, you use shape builder with alt to delete those open ends, I`d like to see an option on the path finder to just delete all open outside and inside ends in one hit.


                                                                      I dont want to fill the shape and use divide (which deletes all open paths), as this creates a real joined closed shapes.

                                                                      • 114. Re: Got an idea for Illustrator???
                                                                        bluefire777 Level 1

                                                                        BLEND FILLS.


                                                                        a gradient brush where you can run it along 2 fill shapes that are either overlapped or touching, and where the shapes touch there is a blend or gradient between the 2 colours created. And only to the thickness of the brush diameter.

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                                                                          bluefire777 Level 1

                                                                          WARP TOOL.


                                                                          one of my fav since I do cartoons and illustrations

                                                                          I also use it a lot for warping around gradient meshes on a large brush.




                                                                          warping eventually converts smooth points to non smooth points or corner points.

                                                                          I`d like an option in the warp dialog box to "keep smooth points smooth", or allow only smooth formations.

                                                                          This would be very helpful !


                                                                          This would save me forever going through with the convert anchor point tool after to re-convert many points back to smooth points.


                                                                          I`d also like to see when selecting the warp tool, the intensity, details, simplify, and brush angle on the options bar .


                                                                          At the moment you can adjust brush shape from circle to oval, with ALT, but not angle of oval. (would be supreme)

                                                                          Pressing ALT+CTRL would be a good remedy for this


                                                                          SHAPE BUILDER.


                                                                          at the moment pressing ALT allows you to chop off any open ends hanging out of closed shape areas (created by a set of open paths), great, but i`d love a button on the options bar at the top when using this tool to automatically delete all overhanging open ends coming off closed areas. I dont want to use pathfinder/ divide because this gets rid of all open paths, which is not the point of what I want to do. I want to kep those paths open that I sketched out, but delete all overhanging paths inside and outside the closed areas automatically without having to go through and find each one afterward with the shape builder using alt...


                                                                          here`s a sample of all the loose ends I`d like to have automatically deleted.but the remaining closed area would not actually become a closed path. just like with the shape builder using ALT.



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                                                                            medicineheads.no Level 1

                                                                            If you select the last line (road) you made, and use rotate (press r on the keyboard) and hold down shift and alt on the keyboard you are able to make a copy at 90 degrees angle to the selected line :-)
                                                                            tip: before making the copy, place the mark for rotating at the endpoint of your previous line (road)

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                                                                              medicineheads.no Level 1

                                                                              Just stumbled into CS6 from SC5 - gradients are now a mystery! Every time i try moving the handles around they somehow lock? Probably an easy explanation but I have been unable to find answers

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                                                                                rcraighead Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                                Yeah, Mordy. If you have any clout with Adobe, see if they can fix AICS 6 so I can use it on a daily basis. I bought into "Adobe Creative Cloud" and lucky for me, I already had version CS5, or my work would be grossly impaired. I cannot drag global colors on gradient sliders. Without that feature, editing gradients is at least 3 times the work and I do that constantly in my workflow.


                                                                                It's things like this that cause me to wonder which direction AI is headed. I'm very disappointed and feel I have wasted my money on "Creative Cloud".

                                                                                • 119. Re: Got an idea for Illustrator???

                                                                                  Request features you say? Do Adobe reps even read these forums? They sure don't ever reply.