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    Background image/picture in a cell ?


      Is is possible to put an image as a background for a single cell then put some text on it ?

      Thank you

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          BobLevine UGM





          You’ll need to put the image behind the table.





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            zerimahbub Community Member

            I put an image under the table but from time to time I need to insert a new cell before or after that cell. At that case, I hade to move the background picture manually.

            I had a huge table and I need backgroud image in several cells. I am looking for an easy way to do this

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              Jeffrey_Smith MVP

              You cannot have text and an image within a cell. But you can  compose the individual text frame(s) and graphic frame(s), make a group, copy the group, and then paste into a cell. Make sure to have 0 insets for the cell and select "Clip Contents to Cell". If you need to add rows, this inline grouping will stay intact.

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                Laubender ACP/MVP

                A workaround:
                Put the text of the cell into a new table (1 column, 1 row) or into a text frame that fits the size of the cell, group it together with the image, that also fits the size of cell and anchor it to cell of the big table. Adjust the position and the stroke weight of the rectangle that holds the image and you are done. ;-)


                From now on the group will flow with the table…


                Of course, every time the dimensions of the cell will change you have to adjust all parts of the anchored group.



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                  Laubender ACP/MVP

                  Ok. By scripting we can do something crazy. Something we cannot do in the UI:


                  We can add a new text frame to an objects that holds an image without replacing the image!


                  Select an object that holds an image and execute the following JavaScript (script is working in Indesign CS3 and above):


                      contents:"New text frame added by script!"


                  Afterwards you can easily access  the text frame using the Layers palette and apply all formatting using an object style.


                  As a second step you could insert the image (together with its text frame) into a cell.


                  Here an example  from InDesign CS5.5
                  German UI:

                  Ebene 1 = layer (named by default: Ebene 1)


                       <Textrahmen> = text frame (Is holding the table)


                            <080915_DSCI6033.eps> = the rectangle that holds the image

                                 <New text frame added by script!...> = the text frame inside the rectangle

                                 <080915_DSCI6033.eps> = the image itself


                       <Rechteck> = rectangle (is the yellow one behind the table)


                  The corresponding screen grab after editing the position and some other properties of the added text frame:




                  No need for grouping something…