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    Export for Pro Audio Engineer - What settings?

    CWoB Level 1

      I have a project I am sending off to an audio engineer working in Digital Performer.  The project was shot with the Panny GH2 in 24h mode (1920x1080, 23.97fps).  My timeline setting is AVCHD 1080 24p.  I need to export each audio track as wav (this part I can do) as well as a reference movie of all the audio with the video for synch.


      The audio engineer needs a .mov file with the h.264 codec at the proper frame rate (23.97fps) to ensure synch when I plug his finished master audio back into Premiere. 

      Can Premiere export a .mov quicktime file format in h.264 codec at 23.97fps that will have no synch issues?  (low resolution is fine for the audio reference movie)


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS4 on a Mac Pro


      Thanks for your help.