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    It is a bug? discretionary hyphens make pages jump...

    camilo umaña Level 1

      Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 11.49.48 AM.png



      In facing pages, applying a discretionary hyphen —either pressing Command+Shift+- or applying a keyboard shortcut— it evolves a pattern when it is applied to the last hyphenated word in the spread:


      a) if the discretionary hyphen is applied in an even page it is rightly applied.

      b) if the discretionary hyphen is applied in an odd page immediately the next step is that you are sent to the next spread, with three effects:

      1. It is not what you want as you wanted possibly to check the formatting where it was executed (last spread).
      2. Indesign sent you to a view that is nothing: halves parts of both pages: see picture
      3. You are obliged to get back to where you once belonged.


      Must it be reported as a bug?