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    Mulitcam audio off sync


      So after I sync up my videos and make a multiclip things seem to be working fine.  Then I set an in and/or out point to make a 3-point edit for the timeline, but immediately the audio sync goes off after I set the in point.  Why is that?  (Using CS6)

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          I'm having the exact same problem, but I can get more specific.


          It happens whens I merge external Lav audio with my first video, then I multiclip the newly made Merged clip with the second video using the "IN POINT".  The Multiclip audio plays in sync when previewing, but as soon as I make a "mark in" point, audio goes out of sync.  But, if I drag that 3-point edit to the timeline, it goes back in sync... which is odd.


          My theory is that since I'm using "In Points" to create the multiclip, as soon as I set a new "in point" it wants to re-sync it to that in point... which is not good.


          Also, I noticed it only happens when I've merged a camera angle with my Lav Mic Audio (like how you make multiclips in FCP7).  Audio doesn't go out of sync if you just Multiclip 2 cameras and no external audio source.


          PS.  I've done the step by step Multiclip creation from the tutorial videos and I get the same thing happening. 


          Still no solution anywhere in the forums or when searching google.  Any help would be awesome.