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    Audio Streaming Configuration


      We are planning to have a Web streaming of 5 Audio Channels, We have 5 computers  connected to the flash media interactive server 4.5  by flash media encoder 3.2 . and we have 2 MB dedicated internet Bandwith.


      Server specifications are 10 GB RAM, Single Xeon 2.1 CPU, 146X2 mirror hard disk and OS 2008 R2.

      setup process :-


      • Install flash media FlashMediaGateway4.5_x64

      The key is invalid , we complete by developer edition(with CD key) ,  (Error log file is available Key error.png)

      • Install FlashMediaServer4.5

      The key is valid 

      • We create 5 channels under the livepkgr , these channels after a while start repeat same package (music ) (Error :- libf4f.dll     Failed to open file ……………. etc ) and some of them it’s working through the web and the other working though mobiles.

      Please find attached logs.


      • What’s a minimum bandwidth required ?  because the status of the flash media sever show high bandwidth used .
      • How can implement streaming in android , wp7 & blackberry . we  try implement flash in previous devices but not work (rtmp & rtsp not work) .
      • How can stream our stored music (mp3) files without using the 5 computers and without sound cards .(please be inform we used our automation software )


      Appreciate your kind support and help.