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    Manipulate table of contents results

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      Within each chapter of a book I’m working on, there are level 1 headings that look like the following:


      ¶5-100 Context


      So each of these headings has a paragraph number, ie. ¶5-100 and then the name of the heading, ie. Context. There’s a tab between the para number and the content of the heading.

      I need to create a specific chapter by chapter table of contents using the content of these level 1 headings. The information will be located at the start of each chapter.

      It’s easy enough to do but when the TOC is genereated I get the following effect:


      ¶5-100 Context  [tab]    page number

      ¶5-120 next heading   [tab]   page number

      ¶5-140 next heading   [tab]   page number

      ¶5-160 next heading   [tab]   page number


      I don’t need the page numbers at all and instead of the above, I need the following result:


      Context [tab] ¶5-100

      next heading [tab] ¶5-120

      next heading [tab] ¶5-140

      next heading [tab] ¶5-160


      Once I have the above effect, I would then go ahead and create cross references where the para numbers within the TOC are the source of the Xref and the destination is the relevant heading within the body of the chapter.


      So is there a way to manipulate the results so that the headings appear as the above? I know it probably can’t be done but just thought I’d ask incase I’m missing something.


      Appreciate any help.