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    Creative Cloud Connection

    Toherangi Holloway

      Is there a release date set for Creative Cloud Connection?

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          Baljeet S. Juneja Adobe Employee

          Hi Toherangi,


          We know that every one is waiting eagerly for Creative Cloud Connection.

          But as of now the release date is not set, it will be available in next few weeks.





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            Lynda-S Level 4

            Any update on this?

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              Billygunn111 Level 1

              It would be good to get an idea of when this release is as Adobe have been saying  "few weeks" since launch on 11th May and we are now approaching a month after.  Creative Cloud is pretty pointless to me until it syncs my desktop and allows me to share folders.  An update would be appreciated.  Thanks

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                Lynda-S Level 4

                I agree a few weeks is generally mean about 3 or so weeks and as Billy said we saw that on the 11th and as of the 24th is was again a few weeks. Please keep us updated =>

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                  This is taking way too long.

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                    Lynda-S Level 4

                    While I love creative cloud I think they pushed it a bit too soon. Needed at least a few more weeks. I will say I am glad they are working and I know they are listening to fix and get it out there. And in the long run I would rather wait and have a good product vs one that doesn't work or has major bugs.

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                      *rojo* Level 1

                      I agree. I hope it works flawlessly. Well...almost flawlessly.

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                        Toherangi Holloway Level 1

                        I can't believe we are STILL waiting for this!

                        A few weeks has turned into nearly 2 months!


                        Not impressed


                        Please provide an update

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                          Sajhd Level 1

                          This is extremely disappointing, can’t believe this wasn’t released alongside the CS6 package. This in an integral part of the service still not released!

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                            smb8282 Level 1

                            WTF adobe its the middle of july!


                            Where is this? The current upload system is totally worthless to me since it can't take folders(!!!!)


                            Talk about false marketing

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                              Lynda-S Level 4

                              It would be really nice to have an offical Adobe Response as to what the hold up is. If there is an issue please just be open and tell us. This was supposed to come in a "few weeks" as of May 10th. Then June 29th it was "we’re currently hard at work putting the finishing touches onto our desktop sync client, Creative Cloud Connection" that is great but update us Adobe! Be open, you do not have to disclose everything but tell us why the delay please!

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                                David Hubler

                                August is a week away and we're still waiting on an integral part of the Creative Cloud. A little transparency would be nice, Adobe. Just something to make your paying customers feel valued.

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                                  Toherangi Holloway Level 1

                                  It's now not far away from being THREE MONTHS!!

                                  Please explain!

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                                    circleB Level 1

                                    2 days from being three months, what is the holdup Adobe!!!???

                                    PLEASE let us know when we're supposed to expect this!

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                                      smb8282 Level 1

                                      Obviously all the demos up to this point have just been mockups, no other possible excuse

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                                        michaelhall1 Level 1

                                        I thought this was a key feature in Creative Cloud. The defining feature (other than subscription pricing).

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                                          Lynda-S Level 4

                                          Release a beta version of Creative Cloud Connection on Adobe Labs for us to try and report bugs until you finish the program. =>

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                                            I think Adobe should be issueing some sort of refund, not 100% or anything but maybe a free month to all the early starters that where promised this key part of the creative cloud "in a few weeks" back in MAY!!!! Creative Cloud Connection, is probably why most people chose the cloud subscription route and now adobe hasn't delievered on thier promise.

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                                              smb8282 Level 1

                                              I've already cancelled and renewed my subscription once assuming that another month would be enough time...it wasn't and now I'm locked in


                                              The support people I was talking to had never heard of creative cloud connection and told me that with lightroom now released there was nothing missing...

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                                                Hudechrome Level 2



                                                I'm new here (to the cloud) and am curious as to what is missing. I have been signed up for 6 weeks, primarily to take advantage of the apps available. However, the cloud itself is also attractive.


                                                When I first signed in, the app found a folder of images I likely uploaded to an earlier version, offering storage and some capability of sharing. I intended to selectively delete them later, but today, I could not find them.


                                                Also, I did an upload using drag and drop as a test. It is slow but it did work. I tried a folder drag and after waiting many minutes, I canceled the upload and simply ran the single image.


                                                It runs but slow, and I am not sure if the folder simply was taking too long or wasn't responding. The timer bar didn't move for either upload.


                                                Thanks for any feedback.



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                                                  Ukie Level 1

                                                  I do agree the Creative Cloud Connection should have been there from day one. The way it is now is just stupid and vitrually useless, but it is better to get it correct then release the feature half baken and buggy early. Dropbox seems to have the best functionality ( even better then gdrive). Is there a realistic ESTIMATE on when the Creative Cloud Connection will be available

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                                                    Hudechrome Level 2

                                                    So you are saying the cloud isn't functioning? If I generate a website with, say, Muse, I can't run it in the cloud?

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                                                      Sajhd Level 1

                                                      Any updates? It has been more than a few weeks now!

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                                                        Hi, we all wait for cloud connection or for myself at least an update of creative cloud which brings some more useful features for the file or folder handling e.g. share complete folders instead of sharing file by file.

                                                        It would be great to get some information from adobe regarding upcomming updates and when they will be released.


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                                                          I think Baljeet should come back on this forum and apologize or at least give an explanation as to why a few weeks turned into four months. At least have the courage to address a reply that was clearly wrong. Maybe s/he has lost their job?

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                                                            Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                                                            Thank you for sharing your disappointment regarding the delay.


                                                            Baljeet was just replying with what was known back in May as captured in this blog post http://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/coming-soon-to-creative-cloud/.


                                                            I do not have an update on when Creative Cloud Connection will be ready. The team working on it is committed to shipping it. Many promised features have been delivered such as Lightroom and Digital Publishing Suite: Single Edition.

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                                                              Lynda-S Level 4



                                                              I believe the issue here is the simple fact that Adobe is being so tight lipped on why the hold up. There have been several blog post that said "Few Weeks" or "Final Touches" months ago. I believe we understand that delays happen but create a blog post and be upfront about this versus continued "Coming Soon" or  "Working Hard", etc. Those sayings do nothing to help.


                                                              I also realize (from my limited knowledge, and correct me if I am wrong) Adobe Employees are bound by NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and cannot comment on certain aspects of the programs. Please encourage an official rep (who has the ability) to post something on Creative Cloud Connection and what is going on. Note: I am not looking for official release date, etc, just a simple explanation on what is happening.

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                                                                oecreative Level 1

                                                                If I told my client that I was going to deliver a product in "a few weeks" and then said nothing about the progress for months... I'd be fired... quickly.

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                                                                  John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                  Agreed Lynda.


                                                                  As you say, the root cause of user frustration here is not so much the late delivery of features promised months ago but the wall of silence from Adobe.


                                                                  What result can that generate other than user frustration?


                                                                  Adobe has not yet learned to blog in such a way that its users are constantly updated with even tiny snippets of news and a positive buzz is generated at all times.


                                                                  The Cloud blog is a classic example of an excellent tool and medium being sorely underused



                                                                  We get an exciting blog update then nothing for months. Adobe's own John Nack is an excellent example of how to blog successfully but, unfortunately, his regular blogging habit is not more widespread within Adobe.


                                                                  If Adobe would learn to speak more often, we would all listen patiently and be more accepting of whatever issues are preventing the release of some long ago promised features.


                                                                  It's really not that hard.

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                                                                    Ajen73 Level 1

                                                                    See this is a classic response from Adobe that I have read for so long here on the forums but haven't bothered to reply. Just a tinge of pissed of sarcasm with "Thank you for sharing your disappointment regarding the delay". I'm not dissapointed by the fact that their isn't a cloud connection service. I think it would be cool if THERE was one, ala Dropbox, but the other big contenders in this field such as apple with their cloud service are also lacking and companies (and the employees within) have a right to get backed up and fall behind scheduale. That isn't the problem. I am still able to create everything I need to without the cloud service.


                                                                    What is the problem is the marketing that is used on us. Many, if not a majority who subscribed to the creative cloud probably work within advertising and marketing in some way. So we are quite used to the copy text and the "fabulous" and "amazing" adjectives used to describe each awesome new feature that is released to all of us that are lucky enough to subscribe to the creative cloud.


                                                                    I love the fact that Adobe is finally offering a subscription service and for the products that are currently available there is more than enough to make us creatives happy. (I also don't agree with the difference in Europe and North American prices but...)


                                                                    The core issue is the lack of information. Be honest! If Baljeet or Ken don't know what is going on then don't come on this forum and answer your customers (the ones who PAY your wages). Pass this on to your supervisor and say in the next meeting you have on Monday, hey Boss there are quite a few of our loyal, smart customers who are thinking we aren't being as open and honest as they think we should be. Maybe we should do something about it? Maybe we should tell them what it is we are thinking about with this cloud connection deal and explain to them that we wish we could tell them more but we can't let out all our secrets.

                                                                    Hell, make a great video of it and post it on all your social sites and say that you are committed to having open and honest conversations with us (your clients). The ones that are willing to buy your products and are not willing to jump ship when the competitor comes along with a wicked new solution that works the way that we are complaining it should work. It's called customer loyalty and it is gained by becoming a "friend" to the ones who put forth their hard earned money to give you all wages every month.


                                                                    Go over to the RED forums and have a look at what their CEO says on his blog. And notice all the other small companies out there that are gaining a strong market share with their businesses because of their "social" attitude in this rapidly changing landscape.


                                                                    Listen to your customers (because in marketing the customer is always right) and also we might just be able to give you a few good ideas here and there that you don't have to pay for.


                                                                    And if there are others within Adobe that are "doing it right" then learn from them, promote them and get them to teach others on how to be better customer communicators.


                                                                    We don't want to be splashed and dashed with fabulous awesome new products and services. We want to be treated like a partner. You are the one who is helping us create great new projects/products. Work with us and we will be happy to work with you.


                                                                    I'm not frustrated that there is no Cloud Connection, I'm dissappointed with the responses on these forums or the lack there of. And I think that is more damaging in the long run.


                                                                    I'll stop there. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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                                                                      Sajhd Level 1

                                                                      If your post doesn't get an adequate response from Adobe then I don't know what will!

                                                                      • 32. Re: Creative Cloud Connection
                                                                        Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                                                                        I have always tried to be straight-forward in my forum posts helping customers. What I meant by "thank you for sharing your disappointment" is please continue to post.


                                                                        Creative Cloud Connection is late. Problems were uncovered that caused the schedule to slip. The team working on the project is very aware of this and is doing everything they can to get the product to a shippable state. We are much closer now to releasing.

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                                                                          Ajen73 Level 1

                                                                          Great! Thanks for the explaination. Sorry if I misread your previous post. Ha, ha. But now if it's delayed until after Christmas, you better make sure to keep us all posted. ;-)


                                                                          Have a great day!

                                                                          • 34. Re: Creative Cloud Connection
                                                                            Sajhd Level 1

                                                                            Thanks for the info Ken


                                                                            I know delays are never something to be proud of but it makes it worse by closing the door! CC users just want to be kept in the loop


                                                                            Now waiting a bit more patiently.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Creative Cloud Connection
                                                                              Lynda-S Level 4

                                                                              Thanks for the information Ken,


                                                                              While I believe Adobe could post more information and be more open in many ways I do greatly appreciate the time you and other Adobe employees spend here on the forums attempting to assist other users with Creative Cloud issues. It does make a difference in many ways to know that Adobe has employees who take their time to help others. I would be lost without you.



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                                                                                NightSkyGuy Level 1

                                                                                Whatever Creative Connection is meant to be may be dead due to the behavior of Creative Cloud itself.  See http://forums.adobe.com/message/4688144

                                                                                Which reveals that Creative Cloud checks WEEKLY for internet activity and if it doesn't see the cloud disables your access to all software.  Obviously you'd need the "cloud" daily for connection.  But imagine going on a photo safari for a few weeks and finding out that one week into your trip Photoshop or Lightroom will no longer start because Adobe software couldn't connect to the internet.


                                                                                Geez Adobe, it's a MONTHLY subscription. What's wrong with a MONTH of grace period?

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                                                                                  Hudechrome Level 2

                                                                                  I don't follow that. The Creative Cloud checks itself for itself?

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Creative Cloud Connection
                                                                                    NightSkyGuy Level 1

                                                                                    It would be good to have an Adobe answer here, but per the discussion, Adobe's implementation periodically checks to be sure your monthly subscription is still valid. IF "cloud" is unable to connect to the "cloud" (i.e. Adobe's licensing facility on the internet) then after 7 days of non-connection, the on-computer license checker revokes access to any Cloud Components.  I.e. your Photoshop, Lightroom or what-have-you is now a brick.


                                                                                    I've failed to see Adobe say anything else. For me this is a serious non-starter. I run weeklong + workshops in remote areas. For my Photoshop and LR to go belly up because I have no internet access is not acceptable.  Why they chose to chop it off after a week rather than say 21 days or a month is unclear.


                                                                                    Also, if you read the referenced thread, apparently some people are having issues due to firewalls or other business related access restrictions from the networks they are on.


                                                                                    I'd be tempted to use the Creative Cloud if I could be sure my fully licensed version of PS CS5 would not become entangled with Creative Cloud and go in brick mode.  Based on past bad experience, I'm 90% sure that a PS6 version from the cloud will wrap its tendrils around a fully licensed CS5 PS and choke it to death. And I am even less optimistic that it would ever recover if I discontinued Creative Cloud.


                                                                                    In the other thread someone made this observation:

                                                                                    I tried what was suggested in this thread, installed the updates for the Application Manager, but this continues to happen. I've paid Adobe a lot of money over the years, and I expect this issue fixed.


                                                                                    Seems like I should have been smart and just pirated your software instead!

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