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    FlashPro & Photoshop CS6 (cc) installs fail




      Working through the Adobe Application Manager, the apps download completely, start to install & then encounter a fatal error. The Application Manager tells me "error (34)".


      The error summary page tells me -> FATAL: Payload '{xxxx-not-sure-what-this-random-string-is-but-obfusicating-it-just-in-case-xxxx} Camera Profiles Installer_7.1_AdobeCameraRawProfile7.0All' information not found in Media_db.


      Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Muse, Edge, etc install fine... haven't tried Illustrator or others.


      [update] tried to install Illustrator. Fails in the same manner as the Flash & Photoshop installs.


      I did have the Photoshop CS6 public beta & an (expired) FlashPro 5.5 trial installed, but both were uninstalled (using adobe uninstallers) prior to my attempt at a full CS6 install.



      Any thoughts?  Already tried running the CS cleaner utility.


      Installation environment:

      OSX 10.7.4

      late 2010 MBP, 4GB mem, 60GB storage available.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Brian Kiel what version of the Adobe Application Manager are you using?  You can locate the application in Applications/Utilities/Adobe Applicaton Manager/core.  You can find the version by selecting the Adobe Application Manager and selecting Get Info from the File Menu.


          Also you can download and install the released trials and choose the option to license this software once installed.  You will then want to enter the Adobe ID tied to your Creative Cloud subscription.

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            monogrey Level 1

            Currently running Application Manager (was the one that Adobe gave me when I signed up for CS6 cloud)


            As for downloading trials & then licensing them after-the-fact... That was what I just finished trying, and it seemed to have worked. FlashPro is installed (& automatically linked its license to my cloud subscription).  I guess I can install the other problem apps this way as well... but it just seems odd to have to do it this way when Adobe has actually created an Application Manager that should do this all for me.


            Oh well.  Problem resolved. (although in more of a workaround manner)


            Thanks for you response.

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Excellent Brian you do have the current version.  We are continuing to investigate this issue and the occurances have decreased in later versions of the Adobe Application Manager.  Great to hear that you were able to get the software installed in trial mode!

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                monogrey Level 1

                And it seems that, after I installed FlashPro via the trial, I'm now able to use the Application Manager to install Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. (Like the Flash trial added/fixed files that were causing install problems for the other core CS6 apps)


                tl;dr: Had problem with Application Manager installing Flash, Photoshop or Illustrator... installed Flash as trial, now Photoshop & Illustrator can install from the Application Manager.