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    AZ Guy

      Anybody who downloads the new CS6 Suite and then deletes it, be warned.


      If you have older versions of other products, it may render them useless.


      Just happend to me with Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro installed from Creative Suite 3.


      I installed CS6 and it deleted the Acrobat exe. file. When I uninstalled CS6, I was not longer able to use Acro 8.


      So, I reinstalled it from the original disc and it loaded but will no longer accept the serial number for it.


      Support is worthless. They are not help at all.


      Be warned.

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          This forum is for discussions about the forum itself (and problems therein).


          I think you want the Creative Suite or Installer forums.


          Also, using an alarmist subject doesn't do you any good. Please use a more descriptive subject line (like "I can't run Acrobat 8 after uninstalling CS6").

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            pwillener Level 8

            Just restore your system from backup to a date before you installed CS6, and all will be fine.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              In this day and age of virtualization environments, anyone wishing to evaluate a product would be well to try it first in a virtual machine, and avoid the chance of corrupting your critical work environment.


              I use VMware Workstation, myself.


              And as Pat has said, there are various restoral options, e.g., on Windows from restoring a system image to using the System Restore function.



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                mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

                there are various restoral options, e.g., on Windows from restoring a

                system image to using the System Restore function.


                Even searching and deleting the Adobe Registry keys does wonders.

                Adobe's cleanup utility used to do this but not sure if it has been

                updated to clear CS6 registry keys. In my case I did a complete

                reinstall of Windows because I wanted to start all over again on my machine.

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                  AZ Guy Level 1

                  After restoring my system to an earlier date, the file was still missing.


                  So, I deactivated and completly unistalled the Creative Suite 3 bundle which had Acrobat in it, then reinstalled it and opened one of the other products first, then entered the Serial number, reactivated and it worked.


                  Calling support was a waste of time. Got hung up on the first time. And, trying to understand the techs is tough because they have pretty thick accents. Pretty sure they are based in India. Nothing against that, but makes for a real experience when you are trying to communicate with someone in English and that is obviously not their first language


                  Thanks for all the replys.

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                    Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    You can certainly install CS6 next to an existing copy of CS5.5 or earlier, and all the other applications will run happily side by side (many of us who teach or work on development have more than one version installed, sometimes three) but Acrobat is a special case. Because of the way Acrobat/Distiller hooks into the operating system and other applications (such as Office) two versions cannot be installed at the same time, so if you install Acrobat X as part of CS6 it will remove any previous version (you are notified of this).

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Thanks for mention of Acrobat. I had not thought about it, though have it installed on several machines. I do recall the removal of previous versions, now that you mention it. Will keep that one in the back of my mind.





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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I have not installed a newer version, but I do remember that when I bought CS5 Master Collection, there was a main serial number... and a different number only for Acrobat