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    is Adobe is abandoning flash for good?


      Just stumbled with some big news about flash:


      http://www.technobuffalo.com/companies/google/android/adobe-confirms-mobile-flash-for-andr oid-will-be-pulled-on-august-15-no-flash-for-jelly-bean/


      It seems that adobe is giving the middle finger to all the flash developers out there. It feels like they are abandoning flash slowly first mobile and who knows.... maybe desktop is next...


      Its annoying that they give us developers mixed signals about them supporting the platform.


      Am I the only one who thinks this? Maybe it's time to leave flash development because adobe is not giving developers reasons to support the platform at all.

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Just to assure you, we aren't abandoning the desktop or mobile platforms.  While we have dropped future development of the mobile plug-in, we've also increased our focus on flash based applications (AIR) for mobile devices and both AIR and plugin support for the desktop is stronger than ever.  This was first announced last November and you can find all of the relevant details here:


          An update on Flash Player and Android

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            Flash is an interesting tool, depending on what you want to do you can export your animation as a gif and it will be supported in most devices.. 4-ever!


            ..for me, the sad thing about flash is this bare AS3 capability. 


            I wish Adobe, or someone out there, could create a programming tool that works like Visio or SmartDraw (diagramming software), something were a user a coding impared person such as myself could use plain logic and connect some lines onto some boxes and create some interesting interactivity (if such tool was done right one may not even need to 'hand code' anything at all).


            Visual basic, and that lego robotic software (for kids) work well like that, so could AS3 to a certain degree. 


            Being the visual tool that it is (I wish) flash could cater more to people who create visual content (who did not attend a 4 year course in Computer Science).  This stuff (programming) should be made easy!  But instead of brains flash is getting 'muscle'..... POWER.


            Don't get me wrong, I think it's cool that swf's now can play a trillion poligons 'on the fly' (stuff the Macromedia Director was doing back in 1999).


            But for the artist who cannot depend on a team of 'hard core coders' flash is only another tool for making flying logos.  Flash not an end in my pipeline that it could be.


            I don't feel Adobe is abandoing flash, it feels more like Adobe is abandoning the flash user who creates visual content who would enjoy creating things for this platform.


            Personally, I have no interest in upgrading the CS4 I own now any time soon.  Producing video is way more interesting than HAVING TO LEARN TO CODE to use this tool..  and video..  anything can play them, even my casio watch.