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    Problems importing Raw files on a Mac


      I am having an issue when importing raw photos from my Canon 7D.  I have been using Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5 extended on a Mac since the beginning of the year without issue.  Two weeks ago I started to have problems that when I was importing photos the raw files are corrupted.  I have discovered that by moving CS5 to the trash and reinstalling Lightroom4.1 I can import successfully so there is clearly no issue with the camera or the file format on the card.  However, the next day I run into issues again and I am forced to reinstall Lightroom 4.1each time I want to do an import.  This is incredibly frustrating.  I have tried importing as native raw or converting to DNG but each time I get the same issue, corrupt files.  The image preview is OK as it is imported, it is only once Lightroom recalculates the preview that the issue is apparent and the image looks like blocks of corrupted content with some parts of the image visible.  I have also tried copying the fiels ot the hard disk first - still have issues.  It is not 100% of the files that are corrupted, sometimes it is about 10%, other times it is about 95%  Help please.