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    Convert colors Acrobat X problem


      In previous versions of Acrobat the Convert Colors dialog could make cmyk to cmyk color conversions from the source profile set in the preferences to the chose destination profile.


      This is broken in Acrobat X, but worked great in Acrobat 9.  When converting to an Output intent the embedded output intent profile changes, but no actual conversion of the color numbers occurs, so the Output Intent profile is now mismatched.


      Why does this no longer work?

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          Aleš Ulrych Level 1

          Certainly this is a bug in Acrobat X. I also tried to report it to Adobe Support for Czech, but it seems that they did not understand me. : (



          Below I send what I learned and how you called Adobe bug.



          "Adobe Acrobat X not change the CMYK values Will change only the output intent profile. It's nice to see in theses videos.



          Acrobat 9 Pro - functional colormanagement - http://screenr.com/3T08

          Acrobat Pro X - not functional colormanagement - http://screenr.com/eT08



          Well my case Adobe Support and ended with this: bug # 2921089 and the description says "wrong color preview from InDesign / Illustrator created in Acrobat PDF opened X".



          But it's not a bug in the preview, but That does not change Acrobat at all values of CMYK source profile to the profile of the target. "


          Ales Ulrych

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            DallasJonesTBT Level 1

            Thanks so much for your reply Ales.  Those videos show exactly what I am experiencing and I am on a Mac.  It is good to see that it is not a OS or platform issue.


            Your description of the problem is absolutely the same thing that I am experiencing.  The Preview Output Intent changes, but  the actual cmyk values stay unchanged.  This has been quite frustrating since I started testing Acrobat X.


            I use the  "convert to output intent" function frequently to properly color manage all of the pdf documents that I process quickly, so until this is fixed I am forced to stick with Acrobat 9 for this workflow.


            Thanks again for helping to confirm this issue.  I hope that the Acrobat team at Adobe takes notice.


            Dallas Jones

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              Aleš Ulrych Level 1

              I use this every day and because I work in textile printing and color printers we have not Cyan, but the color of dark blue, colormanagement I use for all graphics.



              Yup, it's pretty serious to me that fault and unpleasant. But I found a solution by which to circumvent this, than it corrects. At least I hope not call it a new feature of version X.

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                lrosenth Adobe Employee

                Without the actual file in question, we can't do anyting to test/validate this issue.


                Also, that bug number is not related to this in any way.

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                  Aleš Ulrych Level 1

                  Hi Irosenth,


                  There is no problem. Here you can download my files that I used on video and I also sent to Adobe support. File number = case number for Adobe support.



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                    lrosenth Adobe Employee

                    In my opinion, Acrobat X is doing the right thing and Acrobat 9 had the bug.


                    You can verify this by open the PDF up in Acrobat 9, open Output Preview and then switch the simulation profile to your custom one.   The circle will go dark, since (apparently) that’s what your profile wants.


                    Color Conversion makes that change permanent by changing the color values in the PDF as well as (in this case) adding an OutputIntent profile to the PDF.

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                      Aleš Ulrych Level 1

                      I beg to differ.

                      The color source data with ISO Coated profile is light blue (100/20/0/0).

                      My goal is to convert this light blue color to the new profile to remain as faithful as possible to color. (ie change to a different CMYK values, but with the visual appearance was the closest source data)

                      Acrobat 9 will do this. Changes to the CMYK values (81/2/10/4). The CMYK values with my new profile 2M MULTIFLAG Sansient have 9.11.2010.icm ICC (which is now as the output intent) look almost identical, as the source CMYK values (100/20/0/0) with the ISO Coated profile. This is the correct procedure.



                      With Acrobat X CMYK values unchanged. Remain original (100/20/0/0). With these values the object profile using 2M Multiflag very dark.



                      Imagine if I get a picture in the ISO Coated v2, and I need to print it out on our printer profile Multiflag 2M. The result would be unusable. Therefore, all images in Acrobat 9 is transformed to a new profile (CMYK values will change) and immediately see whether the photo to use.

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                        lrosenth Adobe Employee

                        You are misunderstanding how color management work.


                        The provided file (Test.pdf) uses DEVICE CMYK values (