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    Loaded .SWF generating Error 1010, Undefined Term.....

      TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
           at navidMain_fla::MainTimeline/galleryLoaded()[navidMain_fla.MainTimeline::frame20:7]


      This error occurs when I click on the button to open the PHOTOS page.


      At Frame 1 of the parent movie:.

      // PHOTOS -----------------------------
      // Load the external .swf "photosMainMenu fl_raw.swf"
      var gallerySWF:String = "assets/fla/photosMainMenu fl_raw.swf";
      var galleryURLRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest (gallerySWF);
      var galleryLoader:Loader = new Loader();




      At Frame 20 of the parent movie is an empty movie clip, galleryContainer_mc.


      Also at Frame 20:

      galleryLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, galleryLoaded);
      function galleryLoaded(event)



      gallery_mc is the movie clip in which the frame label "start" resides.


      My movie publishes... the photo gallery page loads and is placed on the stage, the (mask) animation playing only after I navigate to the page, as it should. Flash just keeps punching out that error message.