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    Granting Author Permission to Specific Page

    Tim Goodman Level 1



      I have the requirement to grant individual authors access to their specific page (and no other pages()


      I found something unexpected in doing this.


      I created a user "product1" and granted them read / write / create / delete access to:




      This let them navigate to:




      However, they were unable to edit properties of the page widgets until I granted them read access to:


      /content/mysite/en/products the parent directory)


      Is that correct?  I would have expected that it was not required.

      I also confirmed that they did not have access to view sibling products i.e. the following was not visible:





      I also needed to grant read access to libs/*  - I'm not sure if that could possibly be a security risk.  I'm assuming it's OK for people to be able to read the foundation source code.