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    Acrobat will not open any documents, HELP! Thank you!

    Gigi C Level 1

      Adobe Acrobat will not open any documents, it tells me it is a trial, I click on license product and get a thank you for your Adobe Cloud subscription... but then when I try to open a pdf I get the same message it just keeps looping from trial will run out in 7 days to trial will run out in 13 days and I can never open a pdf. I am going to try and uninstall and reinstall. For most of us, not being able to open a pdf is comparable to not being able to work. This is totally UNacceptable. Clients and bosses are counting on my being able to do my job, I can't say to them, "Oh well the dog "Adobe" ate my homework." PLEASE fix this Adobe! Thank you.


      Here is a screen shot of the messages...




      I  uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled from Adobe Application Manager, thought all was great when it asked for my user name and password, then when I clicked Launch... same issue. FRUSTRATING! Any one have a fix? I even created a pdf using InDesign, made sure I had View PDF after exporting checked and still got that awful Trial box. The pdf did show up in my documents, but I can not open it.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!