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    Trouble reporting Quiz Results to acrobat.com.


      I am trying to configure my Captivate 5.5 quizes to report to acrobat.com. When the user completes the quiz and clicks Post Results, he is prompted to log into his acrobat.com account.  Even though he uses valid account credentials, he still gets an error that reads 'Acrobat.com Login Error'.  There is a link on the window to Create an Adobe ID, but that doesn't work either.


      I have done the following:

      Installed Adobe Air

      Installed Adobe Quiz Analyzer

      Setup an Acrobat.com account – teacher

      Configured that account on the Quiz preferences page and successfully ran the configure option.

      Setup an Acrobat.com account – student

      Published the quiz to .swf, flash 9 (then again to flash 10).

      User goes through quiz successfully until the Post Results.


      I have scoured web pages for 6 hours looking for the answer. PLEASE HELP.


      Fred Norelli

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