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    Formating Numbers

    twtybrd678 Community Member

      How do I make the numbers the same size as the text next to it? They appear small when I type them out.








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          [Jongware] CommunityMVP

          Zoom in? Use a larger font? :)


          What does it mean, "they appear small"? Are they old style ("lowercase") numbers? Then check if the font has (uh) "normal" numbers as an Opentype feature. If not, it's just "the font design".


          If the usual ways fail, make a new character style with a larger point style or horizontal/vertical scale to your taste, and apply it to just digits using a GREP style. Nothing fancy required, a new GREP will be applied to digits by default.

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            BobLevine CommunityMVP

            Appears smaller where? Is this number list question?


            If the numbers are in other areas check to see if they are set as old style.