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    100 images - how to do same colour change on each?

    SimonLaughton Level 1



      Ive got around 100 images (all different) of white shoes.


      For each image I have to change the shoes to 35 different colours.


      I am going to do this by opening the image, selecting the area of the shoe, copying to a new layer, setting mode to colour and brushing in the colour.


      Each image needs to be in the same 35 colours.


      Now I could do this all manually but it will take an ages. Given it is the same 35 colours for each image needed is there an easier way, maybe an action, so that i can open the image select the area i need changing and the click and it saves the image in the 35 colours?


      Long shot maybe but worth an ask as it could save me alot of time!!



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          janelle_f Adobe Employee


          Your right- my first stab would be to propose trying out an action and using it on your batch. this is a short info on actions if you are not already familiar:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/photoshop/cs/using/WSfd1234e1c4b69f30ea53e41001031ab64-7448a.h tml


          my guess would be you would have to have a pause feature in the action, so you could go ahead and pick the color to replace, since they are all different? im looking forward to see if someone can come up with something more efficient!


          - janelle

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Thing is, you can't always change colors of things by just running a colorizing layer over the top. Black or dark brown shoes come to mind - they'll look quite different than white shoes. But you could do it with Curves.


            I can imagine you should be able to set up a template image with a group of Curves layers that can be enabled one at a time...


            I just did a quick net search and came up with a small white shoe image... Seems like, assuming it's always the same colors, you'd just have to set the layer group up once, then apply the mask to the group. I could see even the application of the mask being made into a short action once the selection is made. It's possible you could even output all the different files via an action or script once the pieces are in place.


            Something like this:















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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              Noel already mentioned Scripts, which in my opinion are the way to go here as they should allow for saving out the 35 appropriately named copies relatively easily (depending on Layer structure).

              Layer Comps would also be an option, but not terribly convenient in my opinion.


              As for coloring the subjects your original method seems sub-optimal.

              The Selection/Layer Mask is naturally a starting point but from then on Adjustment or Fill Layers (with Blend If-settings) or combinations thereof might be a convenient approach.

              Also it may be necessary to include a Layer with »decontaminated« edges with those coloring elements.


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                c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                If one would use the background image and the Layer Masked copy both as separate Smart Objects, switching in the other images might be fairly easy.

                Provided the images are pretty similar and the coloring elements work out for all of them.

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                  SimonLaughton Level 1

                  Hi - First of all thanks for all the responses - I really appreciate the help.


                  The bad news is, I've just found out there is 500 images to do now! All in the 35 different colours!


                  To answer one question, all of the original images are of white (bridal) shoes.


                  I have to admit Im not a photoshop expert and some of the advice above was a little lost on me.


                  By Layer Masked Copy do you mean the selection of the shoe on a new layer?  All of the originals are JPEGs if that makes a difference.


                  If anyone can help by explaining the process in a step by step (for a simpleton!) manner I would really appreciate it as obviously this is going to save me pretty much weeks of time given the number of images!


                  Again, I really appreciate the help - happy to ship out some beer to anyone who helps me do this lol!

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                    SimonLaughton Level 1

                    PS just in case it matters im on photoshop cs5 on pc!

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                      c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                      Could you post one sample image (maybe downscaled) on this Forum?

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                        SimonLaughton Level 1



                        Of course, please see attached!


                        Thank you



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                          Billy D Stagg

                          This is going to take some time however you look at it... after all the result is 17,500 images no less!


                          Depending on what the images are to be used for the neatest approach will always involve manual work in neatly selecting the area that needs to be coloured. I would mostly likely a path. You can try other automated selection methods but can garentee that areas that aren't meant to be coloured will be or vice versa. For example in the image you uploaded you wouldn't want the diamonds or the inside of the shoe coloured.


                          The bad news is that this means if you want a neat result you will have to create 500 paths, one for each shoe. I guess you'll want the same background for all so assume some work will be needed to each shoe anyway.


                          The good news is that once this is done all you'd then need to do to create all 17,500 images is to record actions to add and export 35 colours to one shoe and, assuming all the levels are approximately the same for the other 499, run a batch to do the same for all.


                          As you are using a white shoe the easist way to colour the shoe would be to simply create a solid colour shape changing the layers blend mode to colour.




                          In the image above you can see the shape is simply around the areas that need to be coloured and being a path is can be scaled nicely too.


                          So once you have created the shape simply name the layer a name that will be the same across all 500 shoes - !important. Save the psd and move to the next. Do the same for 500 shoes... That's the time consuming bit if you don't want to use automated selection methods and want a crisp result.


                          Once that's done open the psd and start recording an action, select the shape layer (this is why the name is important) and adjust the colour. Once you are happy export. Repeat 35 times then stop recording. Now run a batch on the remaining psds. This will export 17,500 images minus the 35 that you had already exported recording the actions...


                          I have never ran a batch exporting that many images before but that is how I would approach the task at hand. I'm sure others will have their own ways too


                          I hope it goes well!



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                            SimonLaughton Level 1

                            Thanks Billy.


                            As I think I mentioned I am not the best in photoshop but I think I have half a grasp on what you are saying.


                            So, to clarify:


                            1.  Open the original Jpg (the one I uploaded).

                            2.  As it will be "background", I need to change this into a layer and name it "original" or similar.

                            3.  Make my selection of the area of the shoe I would like to change colour.

                            4.  Create a new layer and paste my selection onto it.

                            5.  save as psd. Close.

                            6.  Open psd and my action palette and start recording. 

                            QUESTION: In your image on the layers you have "shoe" and then the colours listed underneath ... im not sure how you have done that?

                            7.  change the shoe selection to the first of the 35 colours and export it (export it as a jpg? and what name do I save? ie. shoe1_red.jpg?)

                            8.  Do the same for the other 34 colours and stop recording.

                            9.  Now I open the next shoe, set up the layers and make my selection etc like the first one, and I run the action I recorded.


                            BATCH QUESTION:  I dont fully understand the batch part.  As far as I have understood it, if I do the above steps for each of the 500 shoes, I will have already exported 35 images of each shoe so why do I need to "batch".  OR am I exporting in step 7 to psd and the batch is to convert into jpg??


                            Thank you so much!!!!

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                              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                              I wonder if this might be a running-before-having-perfected-walking scenario.


                              If the images of the shoes are fairly similar (in brightness) and identical in size I would recommend

                              • creating a file with two Smart Objects

                                   – one the masked parts that ere to be colores with the edgex manually cleaned up and

                                   – one the background with the masked areas removed if necessary

                              • setting up groups to contain one copy of the coloring-SO each and a Clipping Masked Multiplying Solid Color Layer (and additional Adjustment Layers if necesary)

                              • once all color variations are in that file one can set up a Script to save out the copies

                              • subsequently one can replace the Smart Objects’s Contents with another image (edited accordingly), save as a new psd, run the Script again etc.