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    I enable Display PDF in browser but still opens in Reader


      Our current client PC's are Windows XP 32-bit, IE 7, using Adobe X v.10.1.2. We have an application that opens PDF files. We have the parameter "Display PDF in browser" enabled and it opens in the browser as it should.


      However, new PC's are built with Windows 7 63-bit, IE 8, using Adobe X v.10.1.2. Using the same application with the parameter "Display PDF in browser" enabled, it always asks if you want to open in Reader or save the file. That shouldn't happen. It does this whether the paramter is enabled or disabled, it also does this using 32bit IE 8 or 64bit.


      Is this a Adobe bug, Win 7 bug, or how can we make it open in the browser? Using another browser is not an option. IE is the company standard.